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For anyone who saw or built the original Matchbox kit, this Revell Platinum Edition must bring back memories. Flower Class corvettes are famed for their service in the Battle of the North Atlantic, though they were used in all theatres of action in World War II. For a detailed look at the Flower class, and of the Canadian ship Agassiz in particular, try this excellent book by John McKay and John Harland. THE SINGLE-ENGINE GRIPEN IS ONE OF our favourite combat jets, and has become a successful export for its Swedish manufacturer. SMN REPORT For anyone who saw or built the original Matchbox kit, this Revell Platinum Edition must bring back memories.
TOLEDO COLLECTORS TOY FAIR CAR KITS on display included some mouthwatering new releases from Moebius Models.
Self described architect, prankster, farmer, megalomaniac: Wim Delvoye is an extreme artist, willing to chase an idea to its most unsettling resolution. Delvoye often triggers controversy but he is a stealth artist, astutely exposing all the finger-wagging snobbism about his art. I said I was surprised they didn't appreciate the irony - and wasn't Arnault a collector of art himself?
The brand's value was based on the notion of opulence and the company was sensitive to protecting this as it deemed fit. Delvoye believes that our imagination has been co-opted by powerful images: You cannot read the original Pinnochio without visualizing it in colours tainted by Disney.
In the end, LV pursued the artist to Art Basel where under Swiss law the pigs might have been taken into custody, so Delvoye abandoned his plans and left the country.
His early works with carpet weaving and tapestry shocked people because it overstepped convention and encroached the realm of the traditional arts, of folklore and artisanship. I posed that the most likely home of traditional crafts these days was with the tourism industry. In the 90s a lot of the art had been about declaring identities, whether one was black, gay, Mexican-American - and in many ways, Delvoye says, Cloaca was a response to that.

Delvoye had found Chinese galleries largely tolerant in exhibiting his works, and because we spoke before Ai Weiwei's detention, our conversation was lighthearted about his friendship with the artist. I say that that Ai Wei Wei's feelings must be similar to his own love-hate relationship with Belgium - and in fact Ai WeiWei though he had strongly split sentiments about his native country, was fond of Belgium. The two artists were filmed in a documentary, Into the Night, walking around Kassel together, in which Delvoye spends a good deal of time peeing off-camera, still microphoned, while the camera observes Ai Weiwei looking on mostly embarrassed - recounted Delvoye with glee. To make light of art world economics, he created an art piece in which the buyer was given a money-back guarantee: The bond is valid for fifteen years during which the artist was obligated to pay anyone back who regretted their purchase. His current project involves buying a castle to convert into an architectural project, a kind of museum. One thing is certain, whatever the future, Delvoye will be poking at its frontiers and making news. You will receive an email notification when your item arrives in stock and is ready to be paid for.
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In these instances, a substitution or refund will be offered to the vendor, and in turn to you. Even better, this 2012 version, due in November, will bring the Flower-class ship to new levels of detail. But it’s the parts-count that is somewhat astonishing - at 1214 parts, it may take longer to put together than one of the real ships. Combat improvements as the war progressed included radar, better anti-aircraft guns, plus deadlier anti-submarine weapons such as the Hedgehog system. To make his point Delvoye has mastered all the skills of the traditional artisan - from weaving, tattooing, ceramics, stained glass and steel - and he has also engineered the perfect specimens of shit.
He was in New York recently during Armory week, noting the changes in the Meat Packing District where he once lived in the late 90s. Still, an artist has the prerogative to comment on cultural iconography, and Delvoye had toyed with other brands over the last 15 years, including signing his name in Disney's signature characters, and playing off such ubiquitous cultural entities as Coca Cola and Procter & Gamble's Mr.
Recently, an American company had even filed for the rights of the word Om, in use for thousands of years in India.
He grew up with the stuff his father would bring home from trips to the Congo: Via low-culture he came to understand high-culture. When he was in school, "there were lots of penises in the art world, lots of sexual organs - it was so fashionable," says Delvoye.
Economics is more fundamental to our culture than the aspiration towards art as many ancient, ten thousand-year-old clay tablets tell us: They are usually invoices - love poems are a recent development.

With mock gloom he tells me he can't leave Belgium anytime soon for fear someone might want to collect. The Gothic trucks are beautifully ornate, and it doesn't take art history to appreciate the intricacy of the filigreed work. His recent Cor-Ten towers could be construed as pure architectural elements -and here again he is challenging the compartmentalizing of art in areas traditionally "off-limits." His ironic art, and gothic dumptrucks are popular, but he feels the need to move on. There may be isolated cases where the stock status displayed on our website does not accurately match our available stock, and items shown as available may actually be sold out.
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We are unable to process requests to replace damaged product acquired through a third party, importer or off the secondary market. The prototype took more than five months to build, but mass-production soon cut this to a new hull down the slipway every 23 days or so. Galleries were reluctant to show art that snorted and oinked, but says Delvoye, "I prefer showing them that way as a dead pig skin is a big compromise." The few art-pigs he has left will be kept until they die of old age before being parted from their precious hides, which purchasing collectors have to wait for. In Germany they scolded him for betraying the starving people of Africa; some asked why it did not produce anything of practical value like vitamins, or energy. Charles Darwin borrowed the idea of Evolution as an analogy - a term mostly used in economics at his time, explained Delvoye. Please allow 7-10 business days from the date we receive your return for your credit to appear or an exchange to be sent out. In arts school he quickly learned that showing skillful work was a taboo and demoted you to the stature of a craftsman. Tracey Emin in every work from A to Z says she is a girl - there's not much else in her work. Unfortunately, we are unable to offer any replacements after 14 days from the original delivery date, so it is advisable that all orders be inspected upon arrival.
Please allow 7-10 business days from the date we receive your return for your credit to appear. If you are so omnipresent in the city streets, then you have to take a joke," says Delvoye. He knows the common notions people have about his art and will happily play up his schoolboy antics. He was amused by the fuss, but acknowledged that pigs were not very respected creatures in the world. Settling down to a chat, (he said, after a visit to the loo, a squeeze of his blackheads and a cup of coffee in hand), he takes me on a journey through his cosmicomical universe - being on the run from the Louis Vuitton police, his plans for a Gothic wonderland, and his friendship with Ai WeiWei.

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