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July 13, 2007 by admin A building model log home can help with the design and construction process.
Scale models of log homes:  It is recommended that you build a scale model of your log home before you build it. We know that building a log home scale model sounds sort of childish, and some of our students try and skip this step because they assume it won’t be useful. We had one student (who shall remain nameless!) that brought his log home model to one of our monthly meetings to get other builders’ opinions on it. We had another student who reported that he was driving down the road with his scale model when he was pulled over for speeding. In class we will discuss a few more ideas for using your scale model to help advance your log home project.
LHBA member Peter Andersen was diagnosed with a terminal disease half way through building his house.
Want to talk to some smart, friendly people who are also interested in building for themselves?
I found a photo of Ellen that was to the same scale as my model, and I cut it out and mounted it so it could stand in the building. Ever wondered what your customers' log home or timber frame home project would actually look like before it was built?
These scale models are of great value for visualization purposes, sales and marketing tools or even a keepsake gift for your log home or timber frame home clients.
There are many different CAD packages out there that can produce 3D renderings of a clientsa€™ project but only a few can supply an actual 3D physical scale model of the project.
One-Piece Models - Sizes range from 5a€?x 7a€?x 3a€? high to 10a€?x 14a€?x 8a€? high as one-piece models.

Cut-away Model - These scale models offer you the flexibility of removing the roof and 2nd floor for viewing interior details such as floor joists or roof trusses. Click on any image on the right to see a larger photo and more detail of our 3D Cad Model and Scale Models. These log home & timber frame scale models are highly detailed to fit your requirements.
Since these models are highly detailed, visualizing textures like brickwork, stonework and even standing-seam metal roofing are easily felt by your finger.
Valley Log and Timber has been designing and building log homes and timber frame homes since 2000. But if you take our advice to heart and actually build a model log home, you will be very glad you did.  It can save you loads of time, energy, and frustration in the end.
Shockingly, there are some very common mistakes that can be corrected by building a model home to try out your design before you spend the time, money and energy to build the real thing.
When you are satisfied with your model log home, carry it with you in your car for a while. After talking with the police officer for a half an hour about log homes, he was let off without a ticket.
Bachmann is ranked #1 in o scale model railroad buildings, followed by Woodland Scenics, O-Gauge Railroading, American Model Builders, and 23 other manufacturers.
Then I removed the model and took a picture of the same scene with the camera in exactly the same spot. For example, for a log home scale model standards information would include log styles, log corners, rectangular or round joists and rafters.
We are excited to offer 3D timber frame & log home scale models to other Log Home and Timber Frame Professionals.

Many are still being used today as summer or hunting camps and at resorts as overnight lodgings. They are produced from a 3D CAD solid model, not a surface model utilizing the technology of a€?rapid prototypinga€?. Until someone pointed out that his front door was blocked by a ridge pole support log (RPSL). This worked out well because at that scale, popsicle sticks were scale models of 2x10s, which are what I used for all the rough door and window frames. Then I stood back and placed the camera at the point that made features of the model line up exactly with where those features would be on the building. Then I cut the two prints and merged them together so that the model showed and the post it was sitting on did not. In this picture, only the first log and the foundation are real, just like the previous picture. They say a a€?picture is worth a thousand wordsa€? but a scale model is worth a thousand pictures. This model building and picture faking was just one of the many many ways I have had fun on this project. The monochrome models are exceptionally valuable for focusing on details and shadow lines versus color schemes. But imagine what would have happened if he had built the log home without first building a model.

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