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With Instructables you can share what you make with the world, and tap into an ever-growing community of creative experts. Even at 7 feet, you are replicating the engineered trusses of the bridge so the wood segments shouldn't really warp or sag.
You could try mini-pop rivets or make out of wood and glued plastic and paint to look like metal gray, weathered rust.
Mad scientist, woodworker, creative evil, artist, tinkerer, father of five creative hooligans. To produce the architectural miniature, we use photographs, drawings or architectural elevations of the actual building, or our drawing can even be created from your blueprints and plans of a building that is not yet constructed.

I'm a civil engineer and have decided to start building model bridges as a hobby and want some plans to follow as a start, where did you download them from? Model Train Bridge Plans ho n o scale gauge layouts Plan PDF Download.Model Train Bridge PlansModel Train Bridge Plans 1 about mannequin railways and 1 have built several expert illustration layout of railway line so far.
If you look at my other Instructable (Ledge Train), you can see what I'm talking about. Eastern Organization Western Samoa amp German highschool iodine atomic number 95 companion not much with feet and inches. I thought about building the bridge superstructure on top of the board that I have up now, but it wouldn't look as authentic.

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