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After you have the floor plan drawn out on the foam board you can start making the walls for the first floor. Once all the walls are up for the first floor you can put in the floor beams that hold the floor of the second story up. I didn't do this very well cause of the trusses underneath being uneven cause of being cut with pliers but it turned out pretty good. Great job on the project, even better considering you used just wirecutters and popcicle sticks! I'm not knocking anything about your model or the limitations of building something on a small scale.

Woodland Scenics Quality Brands is committed to manufacturing superior quality, safety-tested products. This quaint home features a rose arbor and Granny’s living room rug airing on the porch. Woodland Scenics leads the world in providing the highest quality, most realistic model scenery for all of your modeling projects! I tried to make a finished house out of a project just like this I did in school and it cost $200+ and that house was half the size. It caused me to recall an early model I designed and constructed in school a few years ago.
All of our modeling materials are evaluated by a Board Certified Toxicologist to ensure they meet the standards for art materials set out by ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) International, if applicable.

These hand-painted and fully-detailed buildings are great for building cities, towns and villages. I wanted to build from an actual set of blueprints and cut the different lumber to scale sizes etc. They are molded with high architectural detail and include realistic weathering, signs, fixtures and accessories. Shady and lazy contractors will try to get away with shoddy design and workmanship compromising safety and taking your money.

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