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Comparative Scale Figure Diagram – You can download a pdf copy of this diagram below.
Even with the plethora of computer 3D modeling programs available to designers, there is and I think always will be, a place for physical scale models. I created the chart above as well as the list below from many years worth of notes and scribbles. This entry was posted in Art Department, Methods Of Work, Reference, Tools and tagged 3D modeling, conversion scales, imperial conversion, metric, model scale, models, reference, scale comparison, scale size chart, set design, tools, visual reference by rdwilkins. I'm just starting to get my feet wet in O-Scale modeling and recently purchased a Mullet River Model Works O-Scale CB&Q Waycar. Go to Fun & Games Home Page and check out the O gauge figures, I myself get the HO figures and like them very much.
Delbert,Thanks for the suggestions and especially the link to Laurie Green's site for painting figures. Most of us did not know that the Wrights made at least 3 trips to Kitty Hawk, field testing the concepts and theories developed in their Dayton bicycle shop.  It is only the date of December 17th that historians have come to remember as the date that Orville, winner of a coin toss with his brother, became the first to fly a powered air machine, and thus the birthdate of aviation. True enough, Orville and Wilbur Wright got it started here in the States, but they only made it in the nick of time, as many others including American Hiram Maxim, and the Europeans, in particular the French, such as Clement Ader and members of the Aero Club of France were also hot on the trail of the elusive “heavier than air flying machine”.
In the 200,000 years it took for Homo Sapiens to scratch out an existence, the race to the moon came down to within a few months, and the Soviets may well have beaten the US had it not been for the Nedelin catastrophe in October of 1960 and the repeated failure of their N-1 heavy lift rocket, which set back the Soviet space program.

I recently purchased a new lawn mower and decided to compile all of the graphics depicting hazards contained within the owner manual.  A total of 18 in all. I’ve been following a conversation string on LinkedIn about sketchbooks and thought I would post a graphic on how I use my sketchbook. Below is an excerpt from one of my books.  Note the page number at the bottom right, and the corresponding page on the index. I came across these Christmas cards I designed when I was employed with another firm, and thought I would post them.  Courtesy of JBHM.
You can see that Notre Dame (Paris) and Amiens are almost the exact same orientation, but Reims and Chartes are uniquely oriented.  I also threw in Canterbury to see what things were like across the Channel. So, suffice to assume that all of the Middle Age big boys faced west, or westerly.  Aaron Williams, who is studying theology at St.
It will not surprise me to find that many of our later day Roman Catholic churches are oriented primarily because of site conditions, rather than Middle Age practice. Although the molding programs continue to produce more and more realistic looking images, they are still only a 2D image that utilizes correct perspective. A lot of revelations often come from being able to look at the model from many different angles at once.
The last column gives the common uses for the scale to help you determine what products exists for purchase.

Check the inch and metric scales to be sure it is at full size for an accurate representation. But those who get credit for such are often attributed to a case of doing the right thing at the right time, just slightly ahead of others who are also doing the right thing at the right time, sharing the passion of that particular technology.  It’s a timing thing. Joseph Seminary, says this is referred to as Ad Orientam worship.  The processional nature of the worship faces the easterly rising sun as an image of final judgement. The visual chart will give you an easy way of determining the size of figures in the various scales that will be most common to concept models. The Size Chart also lists the most common Imperial and metric drawing scales so you can find the model sizes that most closely match.
Using the Size Chart, multiply the overall actual size of the area you need to cover by the foot or meter equivalents and then determine which scale is best for the space you have available. Louis Cathedral in New Orleans is also oriented east, but Natchez Cathedral does in fact, face west.

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