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These classic Scales of Justice are antique bronze finished and stand approximately 22 tall. PS – The guy next to me went up to 3 plates and when he was done I told him I was super impressed with his strength and form.
Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Since starting this blog I've been focussing on world trends due to my love of places and people.I have read literally thousands of posts, visited 100's of cities and looked for input to get a balance to things.
I've tried to cover trends in a balanced way but realise that mainstream media seems to pick up on stories and they all nearly get reported on in the same way. 3) An increasingly unstable Middle East which has had its first phase Arab Spring but is about to enter its deadly second stage which centres on Israel and its place in the world.
5) A global financial system that is doomed to fail in its current state , people are aware that everything in the money markets is based on confidence and the US dominated Global economy is trying to print and deflate its way out of debt - but was it always part of a wider plan? 6) The realisation that the Earth has limited resources and that 7 Billion people living to Western levels of consumption is not sustainable. 7) That certain Banks and Financiers can control so many commodities (Oil , Food , Water , Gold) by taking up unethical trading positions - e.g.
8) That religion is being used as a smoke screen to stoke up paranoia particularly Christian - Muslim - Hindu relationships and that this stoking allows controlling interests to run their own agendas.
9 ) That Capitalism in its current state is unsustainable and that moderation needs to come into play and those that blatently control power and information for personal gain need to be excluded from positions of influence. 10) I entered this world 46 years ago and have watched successive administrations all over the Earth get deeper into debt without truly thinking about our future generations. 11) I am one of the 99% and yes why should people like George Soros be able to manipulate markets so they can pad their homes with gold encrusted accroutrement.
12 ) Hypocrisy - This is the hardest hitting video I've seen so far on why not standing up now to fight against the 1% will come back to haunt us all one day.

War as a diversion from the global financial crisis.Likely to be in the Middle East with Israel being central to it.
The Precious Metal markets (Gold and Silver ) to become super volatile but by the end of 2012 see them as true safe havens from the collapse of the US dollar and euro. Mainstream media to start hitting home that sustainability in the West will mean general 'downsizing' of Quality of Life expectations. A significant increase in 3rd world attrition via famine and disease focussed but not limited to Africa. Growing a movement of over 25,000 young NZers working to cut NZ's carbon pollution through smarter transport, liveable cities, & independence from fossil fuels.
I consider myself confident but when it comes to the red zone, I have to earn that confidence.
PocketInfo is a geolocation news site and almanack covering key technology breakthroughs , country and city trends that are reshaping the sociopolitical landscape. So I've been peeling back some onion layers and finding a tonne of material from niche sites that dont have to pander to shareholders - and the material is eyeopening. People need a reality check and caps need to be put in place to those that are raping the current system.
Meanwhile the West is diluting itself away from Christianity and realising that religious fear can be unshackled to make clearer decisions. Why are we still so dependant on fossil fuels when harnessing the sun's energy could truly emancipate the masses and detox the planet!
Obama gets a pounding in it and this isn't a Dem vs Rep issue its a 99% vs 1% issue - Obama just happens to be heading the whole shabang at this point in time. The world is changing rapidly and focus will be on the new Web, precious metals rise, debt fears, where to safely retire, danger zones, economic migration hotspots, and looking at how social media and emerging technology is emancipating the masses. But once I hit those big numbers and my form is good and I wasn’t fighting like crazy for it, my confidence is almost like a drug.

Everyone has an opinion and some of the conspiracy theories out there almost make your eyes bleed in horror at the depth of individuals greed. Of course the scale will come out next week when I have to lift more but for today I have a big smile on my face and my confidence got a little boost.
I usually start thinking about the scale first thing in the morning on days that I have to lift that night.
There is a “green” zone that represents the area in which the weight is lighter and doesn’t feel heavy, usually these are warm up weights. On Monday my squats felt really heavy but it was a sauna in the gym that night and I also felt tired. On days I’m not feeling it, the yellow zone can feel like the red zone but most of the time the yellow zone is moderate to heavy but I’m not usually worried about missing weight in this zone. I also had some mental stimulation because there was a guy in the rack next to me who was going plate for plate with me. I have to eat well and sleep well when I am lifting in the red zone and I usually have to do a lot of mental preparing for the red zone. Everything goes through my head “I hope it feels light” “if I don’t get it it’s ok” “perfect form, perfect form” “if its heavy just keep going” “should I ask someone to spot me?” “down up” “you got this”. Hands on the bar, squeeze, head under, pinch shoulders, squeeze hands, squeeze everything, drill feet, deep breath, chest up, stand (ok, doesn’t feel too bad), wait, step back, side, side, deep breath, squeeze hands as tight as possible, down, up………EASY! The last set felt heavier but I think my form was a little off on that one, in all, I could have done more.

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