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When Hasegawa released the 1957 pontoon-fender version of the Ferrari 250 Testa Rossa, I purchased three of them.
I wanted the first build to be one from the 1958 Le Mans 24-hour race, where ten Ferraris entered.
Q: I have some American Satco tires, and I would like to turn two tires into one wide tire. Really hate asking so many questions but I gots to know,came across a 67 Olds 442 kit in the store today by Lindberg it cost a few dollars more than other kits but as i rember from back in the days Lindbergs models were really STINKERS!!!!.They were always warped,two halves of a piece never fit together most of the time,and in my opinion should have came with a pack of firecrackers to send them on to stryrene heaven,have they improved?
Lindbergs cars are awesome, except for the latest classics aones, the cord and a couple of others.
Be sure to soak the paintable parts in a good dish washing, grease removing soap before doing anything with it. Their '34 kit is the ex-AMT tool, although there was a lot of flack from AMT, and denials from Lindberg when it was first released by them. The '34 is a great kit, although the plastic is very glossy, and need to be sanded a bit to make the paint stick properly. For those of us who build law enforcement vehicles, the 1997 Lindberg Crown Vic, a curb side unit, was great!

QUOTE: Originally posted by zoiks Do not forget their ground breaking snap together Crown Victoria. Ahhhhh, I wish Lindberg would kept making this car!!!!
A few years ago Lindberg was on the right track, made a come back in model cars and trucks. In addition, there is a priceless collection of artifacts from the world of model cars, including one-off manufacturer castings of tool masters for kits that were never produced. Quite a few of these pictures were taken looking through the glass of the display cases, so sometimes the focus and depth of field is compromised. In all, I can't recommend highly enough that all model car builders make the pilgrimmage to Sandy, Utah, at least once during their model building career. I think 2001 maybe 2002 was the last good year, They were coming out with some great kits, Then they stopped. The International Model Car Builder's Museum is located in Sandy, Utah (a suburb of Salt Lake City), and features a spectacular collection of the best historic model cars created by such world famous builders as Augie Hiscano, Dave Shuklis, Jim Keeler, Don Emmons, Phil Jensen, and many, many others. We only had playthings that required building, creativity, imagination, artistic skills, and physical exertion. I soaked it for 2 or 3 days in Dawn and cool water, then scrubbed it with an old toothbrush, rinsed and dried.

However, it was nothing that couldn't be fixed (I still need to redo the glass), and I was very happy with the end result.
Special attention has been paid to collecting the winners from the national model car contests of the 1960's.
Even replicas of the T-shirt booths and signs hanging from the rafters of the old Oakland Coliseum building can be seen in the diorama. You can find a few of there kits still around. I wish they would go back to making more model kits, instead of hoppers.
More recently, winners from the Greater Salt Lake Model Car Contest, considered today to be the world's most difficult and presitigious model car competiion, are also displayed.

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