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The new range of Minecraft-themed Lego products has been spotted online for the first time, showing what AFOLs and Minecraft enthusiasts all around the world can look forward to. The image and set descriptions were posted by The Brick Fan, detailing for the first time ever what the proper size Lego sets will look like. If you want to see the former Minecraft lego sets, you can do so by visiting the appropriate Lego store page.
The upcoming sets will launch the company's Minecraft-themed line of products, coming in full scale, and offering full-scale Lego minifigs for the first time.
The first two sets unveiled are titled The Cave and The Farm, and both feature Steve, the game's generic character, alongside either a Zombie or Skeleton mini-fig, and a couple of animals. The Farm is also listed, with the accompanying description, as follows: "Yield renewable resources with The Farm! Future sets will include The First Night, that comes with a creepy Creeper, a larger set titled The Mine, and The Ender Dragon, coming with a huge blocky rendition of the game's final boss. The initiative was sparked by the Lego Ideas program, formerly known as Lego Cuusoo, which allows fans of the popular brick toys to post their own creations and vote on them, with the most popular candidates eventually finding their way into the official roster of Lego products. So far, we’ve discussed what healthy hair is and what three things are key in maintaining healthy hair – moisture, protein and pH.
If we raise the pH of our hair above 5.5 the shaft begins to swell and the cuticles will begin to lift or open.
The last post in this series will be on porosity and how it affects our hair, including how to correct any porosity issues.

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The level of pH is measured on a logarithmic scale of 0 – 14 with 0 being the most acidic and 14 being the most alkaline. In order to maintain optimal hair health we should try and keep our hair within this range. Closed cuticles protect the shaft from external damage and allows the strands to move around each other without causing damage. Raised cuticles will allow more moisture into our hair but will also allow more moisture out.
All products containing water have a pH value and it’s important that our water based products such as shampoos, conditioners, leave-ins and moisturisers be within this range. Today i’m continuing the ‘Getting To Know Your Hair’ series with a brief outline of what pH is and how it affects the health of our hair.
In the middle we have pH 7 which is considered neutral as it has an equal balance of acidity and alkalinity.
If we decrease the pH of our hair further, then the cuticles continue to tighten and tighten.
Remember, water is 100 – 1000 times more alkaline than our hair so even a quick warm water rinse will cause the cuticles to lift slightly.

Solutions or products with a pH lower than 3 will begin to corrode or eat away at the hair & scalp causing damage. If we dry our hair and apply oil or butter straight onto our hair after rinsing with warm water, the cuticles will remain open causing a slight feel of roughness and less sheen or shine.
Lifted cuticles cause the hair to look dull and rough and each strand can tangle on the next causing more damage to the cuticle layer. The higher the pH the more our hair swells and our cuticles lift incurring more and more damage. It’s important, then, to use a water based, pH balanced (acidic) leave-in or moisturiser after washing our hair to bring the pH back down and close the cuticles before sealing with an oil or butter.
Solutions or products with a pH of 10 or more will begin to dissolve the hair and scalp causing damage. Aloe Vera is also a great ingredient choice for hair moisturisers and spritzes as its pH value is around 4.
This way we ensure our cuticles are closed, that moisture is retained well and our hair is stronger and less susceptible to damage.

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