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The O scale track gauge of five scale feet is a bit wide due to a computational error made a long time ago when converting from metric 7-millimeter scale to American (English) inches. The other side of the scale coin is the HO world, which has the greatest variety of products.
You’ve just been passively introduced to S scale’s advantages, which are the exact opposite of the O and HO disadvantages. Mental Adjustment #1: Plan on using mail order, eBay, swap meets, web-based retailers, conventions, online forums, Yahoo Groups, word-of-mouth, and similar means to locate and purchase products. Like all minority scales, S doesn’t have the vast array of products found in the majority scales of HO and N. If you accept these mental adjustments, you’re well on your way to a satisfying S experience. As you create your S layout vision, begin to research which locomotives are available to fulfill that dream. The next best place for comprehensive locomotive information is the S SIG’s “PRODUCTS & RESOURCES” section, which will lead you to a listing of engine manufacturers and importers.
As with all scales these days, many S products are made in limited production runs and might be sold out at the manufacturer or importer.
It’s truly amazing how many products that have been out of production for some time will surface at these kinds of events.
If you are unhappy with the past and present commercial offerings of S locomotives, then I’d say: “Welcome to the world of S!” You have lots of company here.
How about considering a vision-modification session with your buddies to discuss possible scenarios in which the unavailable loco will not be missed.
Once you’re satisfied that S scale has the engines you need, or can be kitbashed from something similar, it’s time to move along. S locos are currently being produced, and learning what’s in the future pipeline isn’t difficult. A thorough and detailed article about S scale turnouts can be found in “THE S SCALE JOURNAL.” Dick Karnes and Dave Heine pulled out all the stops in writing a comprehensive guide to S scale track products and accessories. In addition to turnouts, S scale has standard-gauge flex track made by Micro Engineering and distributed by Tomalco Track with code 100, 83 and 70 rails.

S scale’s 72-foot heavyweights are prototypically correct (their prototypes are CNJ “Blue Comet” combine, coach, and observation; and NYC baggage and RPO cars). Mental Adjustment #4: Get used to advertisements in which scale bodies wear tinplate wheels and couplers. Resin kits are currently being produced, and numerous wood craftsman kits have been made in the past. Other familiar brands available in S scale include Kadee couplers, NorthWest Short Line wheels and gearboxes, Boo Rim brass steam and diesel engines (sold via River Raisin Models), Fast Tracks turnout fixtures, Micro Engineering track products (sold via Tomalco and PBL), Shinohara track products (sold via “S”cenery Unlimited), Microscale decals (sold via Des Plaines Hobbies), HomaBed (recently re-branded as California Roadbed), and many detail parts made from brass, plastic, and white metal. S names new to you will include River Raisin Models, American Models, S-Helper Service, Des Plaines Hobbies, Smokey Mountain Model Works, BTS, P-B-L, and others. In S scale, you’ll find friendship, first-name relationships with suppliers, conventions, clubs, magazines, national organizations, S-friendly hobby shops, several Yahoo Groups, and this NMRA-affiliated S SIG with its conversational Forum. The S Scale SIG is an NMRA affiliated Special Interest Group dedicated to the promotion of 1:64 scale model railroading. S Scale SIG membership is open to all and all are welcome however, we do limit our activities and discussions to 1:64 scale modeling both standard and narrow gauge. I’ll go through ready-to-run, then kits, and end with construction ideas for the trackwork nut.
SHS’s matching sectional track comes in straight sections of several lengths, plus 20-inch, 25-inch, and 30-inch radii. Tomalco Track offers flextrack (manufactured for them by Micro Engineering) and a wide variety of turnouts and crossings in code 100, code 83, and code 70 rail sizes, with either weathered or unweathered rail. Shinohara flextrack, which is all code 100, has eight-foot ties with highly-visible molded wood grain, molded-in tie plates, and somewhat oversized spike heads.
Both of these situations can be rectified by slightly kinking the curved stock rail about a sixteenth of an inch ahead of the tip of the point. In conclusion, S scale doesn’t have the variety of ready-to-run trackage products enjoyed by those in N, HO, and O. Generally, the Railway Engineering turnouts should be the most trouble-free right out of the box.
All of BK’s turnouts are top-strapped (brass “keepers” soldered across the railheads) to approximate gauge.

Fast Tracks manufactures jigs for several sizes of turnouts, crossings, and three-way turnouts. The jigs are pricey, but still, they will pay for themselves once you’ve constructed just four turnouts.
I currently am hand-laying track on my “new” layout, but my previous layout used commercial track, including over fifty turnouts.
There are two primary manufacturers of 3-foot gauge track and turnouts for the Sn3 modeler: P-B-L and Shinohara. Shinohara (available exclusively through “S”cenery Unlimited) makes nickel-silver Code 70 flextrack and Code 70 turnouts in the No. P-B-L (whose track products are made by Micro Engineering exclusively for them) offers Code 70 and Code 55 flextrack, with both plain nickel-silver and weathered nickel-silver rail. All the Sn3 commercial trackage products available require drilling the ties if you want to spike the track. There are some custom trackwork manufacturers that will do work in Sn3, including Railway Engineering and BK Enterprises.
Unfortunately, if you want ready-to-lay turnouts, you’re stuck with the HOn3 ties on the turnouts unless you want to discard the ties entirely and re-lay (spike) the turnout to the proper-sized Sn2 switch ties. Service has been sold to MTH (Mike's Train House) and the S-Trax line has been re-introduced by MTH. The SIG is dedicated to the advancement and promotion of 1:64 Scale Model Railroading in both standard and narrow gauge. A place to hang-out, bring and brag, announce a new products, show-off your latest project or share a tip or technique.

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