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Click here for a close side view of New Haven Trap Rock Co.(Steam) 0-4-0T, built by The Vulcan Iron Works of Wilkes-Barre, Pa.
Click here to see a front "head on" view of Reading Company T-1 Northern (Steam) 4-8-4 #2124. Click here to see Grand Trunk Western Railway (Steam) 4-8-2 "Mountain" #6039, built by the Baldwin Locomotive Works in June 1925.
Click here to see Rahway Valley Railroad (Steam) 2-8-0 "Consolidation" #15 , built by Baldwin in June 1916. Click here to see Canadian Pacific Railway SD-40-2 #5647 ( Beaver Logo ), in the yard at The Steamtown National Historic Site, Scranton Pa.

Click here to see a close view of D+H GP-38-2 #7303 & CP SD-40-2 #5647 on display in the Roundhouse Area. Click here for a close front "head on" view of D+H GP-38-2 #7303 on display in the Steamtown Roundhouse Area. During a February 2002 visit to Colorado, I found the Georgetown Loop Railroad's narrow-gauge 2-8-0 No. This engine was built by Baldwin in 1923 as 2-8-0 #2024, and was rebuilt by The Reading Company as T-1 Northern (4-8-4) #2124 in 1947.
First used by The Oneida & Western Railroad as #20, it was bought by The Rahway Valley Railroad of New Jersey in 1937.

This engine was used in The Connecticut Trap Rock Quarry, and is on display in the Roundhouse Area with vintage Army equipment.
40 was on her way back to the Georgetown Loop after spending a year on loan to the White Pass and Yukon.

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