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Departing south 91109 is pushing a Mk4 formation with driving van trailer 82225 on the front with the 13:00 Edinburgh Waverley to Kings Cross East Coast Trains working.
220033 also departs south with the 14:35 Newcastle to Reading General Arriva Cross Country service.
Platforms 9 to 11, being outside of the train shed, are not so atmospheric but they are where a lot of the hard work of the station takes place. Super Voyager 221135 is working the 13:08 Edinburgh Waverley to Plymouth North Road Arriva Cross Country service. In the reverse direction 220031 departs platform 11 with the 11:40 Reading General to Newcastle Arriva Cross Country working.

Power car 43300, with 43208 on the rear, form East Coast Trains' 14:00 Kings Cross to Aberdeen. Still in GNER colours, over-branded for National Express East Coast, over-branded for East Coast Trains, Mk4 driving van trailer 82231 leads the 13:30 Edinburgh Waverley to Kings Cross into the train shed.
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This has to be one of the longer workings in the country and whilst it is preferable to travelling the same distance by car I would not look forward to doing it in stock like this.
In my opinion Inter City 125s are Britain's most successful train of the second half of the twentieth century - and arguably they still deserve this accolade.

The reality is most passengers do not as they use such a working for portions of the whole. Plus in terms of ride quality, interior ambience and comfort - even when latterly fitted out by some TOCs for more higher capacity - the Mk3 coach is the pinnacle of British coach design.

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