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This one sounds just plain dumb as a matter of fact it sounds like a bunch of people that can't get laid any other way than to expose themselves in public!
No I would not parade around in my underwear in a public place, and I would avoid those that do at least for that day.
This past Sunday, thousands of people removed their pants to ride subways in 60 cities in 25 countries. In August of 2001 Charlie Todd — who produces, directs, and performs the pranks — created Improv Everywhere.
IE has taken their stunts to the subway before with the Star Wars reenactment of 2010 and the subway yearbook photos of 2009.
It's That Time of Year Again: The No Pants Subway Ride - Everybody, Take Off Your Pants! In the second year, the participants included women and the group decided to up the stakes by playing characters like businessmen and tourists. By 2007, 300 people participated, which meant that the group became more diverse in many ways — from color to body shape to age. In 2008, the ride went international for the first time, with Toronto, Canada and Adelaide, Australia joining the fun.

By 2014, the No Pants Subway Ride was taking place in over 60 cities in 25 countries with tens of thousands of participants.
The No Pants Subway Ride for 2016 happened on January 10.It's kept its international status. New York's Transportation Authority not only allows the event, but it actually calls in extra workers to help out and control the crowds. Is the way we use exclamation points in texts and emails the death of language or the birth of change?
The same amount of flesh is exposed, and the same "goodies" are covered & out of sight. Of course, the aspect of surprise is exactly what Charlie Todd, the group’s founder, wanted out of the event when he launched it in 2002.
Capping off the joke, at the end of this inaugural presentation, a hawker came through the train selling $1 pairs of pants.
The event grew in NYC, too: In 2014, around 4,000 people joined in, a number Todd expects in 2016 as well.
Pantless passengers rode ten different subway lines in the big apple, while others played along all over the world.

Their missions span the ages, like with the Mini-Golf Open (surprising small children with caddies, commentators, and an ESPN camera crew), and take place all over — the grocery store, the beach, a cemetery.
While some people may get their panties in a bunch over the lewd, bare-legged act, we’re kind of jealous we didn’t drop our pants and join in.
Seven pants-less men got on the train and pretended not to notice each other.After 8 stops, someone came through with a bag of pants, selling each pair for $1.
The train carrying the No Pants passengers was taken out of service and eight people were arrested.A judge dismissed all the charges.
It's good, wholesome, clean fun."He then followed it up by saying he likes getting naked in public, but, since it's not technically naked, we'll ignore that part. It's all about getting people to stop for a minute, pay attention to something surprising, and give them a story to tell.

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