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Always consider cleaning your refrigerator’s handle because they are often infested with the same bacteria that live on poultry and pork. Your remote control’s cleanliness at home often depends upon your hygiene and how well you clean it.
Even if the toilet isn’t the dirtiest thing you can come in contact with on a regular basis, statistics show that 295 bacteria surrounds it per square inch.
Cellphones are way dirtier than toilet seats because they are generally warmer and unlike TV remote controls, they have more spots for bacteria and germs to hide in and later becomes  their ultimate breeding grounds. Even when perched on your bedside table, rolling over in the morning and having to reach out to silence your alarm clock is an unpleasant way to start your day. Besides the gigantic set of LED digits that are sure to cast a soft red nightlight glow across your room, this alarm clock includes a wireless remote for setting the time, the alarms and hitting the snooze button without having to get out from under your covers. You’re not going to want to play baseball with it, but since it can be controlled via your smartphone to roll around on the ground, it opens up a whole host of other gaming possibilities.
All of the boat’s movements are controlled by the skier using buttons and a control pad on the tow handle, and as soon as you let go, the boat comes to a stop. In most homes, the fridge is located in the kitchen, which is seemingly always too far from the bedroom, living room, or usually any place you’re lounging and in need of refreshment. Even with handy switches located on the wall, getting up to turn on the lights is an inconvenience that Eugene J. They fit into a standard light socket and besides being able to turn them on or off from afar with the remote, you can also switch between 16 colours and four different lighting effects.

But by far the best part of Eugene’s invention was that it opened up a whole world of remote-controlled pranks our forefathers could only have dreamed of. A report from security firm Palo Alto Networks has the paranoid corners of the internet freaking out today.
Some of your family members usually takes a meat from the fridge and reopen it without washing their hands. The cracks and spaces in between the buttons are ideal for spores, microbes and other bacteria to hide.
But not all germs are bad because your body is actually abundant with “good” bacteria that helps you digest your food and fight off the bad ones.
Polley, the inventor of one of the most important devices in the past 50 years: the wireless TV remote.
While the TV remote makes it easy to change the channels, it makes it even easier for someone with the right equipment to mess with the set. With a range of 120m, you can wreak havoc on a TV without being seen, including taking over virtually every function and jamming other remotes from undoing your work.
Don't ask why anyone would ever make a wooden switchblade, just appreciate that we live in a world where a wooden switchblade could be made. Swearing has an important place in our language, but it's not always the most elegant form of speech. Studies have found semen, urine and SARS on public remotes like the ones used in hotels and hospitals.

And, best of all, you can just fill it with empty food containers when you’re done and drive it out to the kerb for garbage pickup the next morning. So swap out your old incandescent bulbs with these new-fangled LED models that include their own remote control.
So if you spend your day sneezing and blowing your nose, this remote control tissue box will ensure you always have a handful of Kleenex within easy reach. It even has a bomb mode that will randomly change channels and volume for up to 15 minutes without any intervention. John Heisz put together a wooden knife that pops out like any old switchblade and it's pretty neat.
So for producers of family-friendly movies, it's always difficult to fill the gaps where an adult-size f-bomb would go. He sands the wooden blade down and grinds it like you would any other knife and the end result is such a beautiful piece.

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