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While researching Red Ball Ltd., I came across a unique article that had been deleted from Wikipedia. Based on the timing, Newton did not invent HO scale but he was certainly in the group of pioneering manufactures.
Although the detail castings were among the best in the industry, Red Ball was famous for the car sides. There were now many HO kits to choose from, but Red Ball remained highly popular and continued to set high standards. First, the Red Ball was formed to keep up with the swift advance of Patton's 3rd Army thru France.
Day took over Red Ball, he briefly moved the business to Elkhart, Indiana, but returned to Medford very shortly.  Mr.

Rice added dozens of additional prototype specific kits and engineered the use of most Red Ball molds to produce injection molded styrene parts and kits. Newton passed away on December 7, 1989, in Medford, OR and Howell Day died December 19, 2005, at his summer home in Florida.
Second, it was formed up with the black troops that were being used to unload the supply ships coming into the Mulberry docks set up by the allies, since almost all the white troops were involved in the actual fighting. I'd have been tempted to fit another vehicle in there - another 6 tonner or maybe a halftrack by pushing the jeep further forward - but it's difficult to tell whether that would have worked.
And lastly, only jeeps or half-tracks were used as lead to guide the convoys of trucks up to the front. It has been particularly notable for introducing a wide variety of detailed unique prototype cars and carsides to the hobby.

Wabash Valley, a well known name to craftsman and collectors, produced the car sides on scribed wood by silk screening and pad printing. As Red Ball enters its seventy -first year of kitmaking, all means of production have been transferred to Rick Steele of LaBelle Woodworking Company. The fires heat was intense enough to warp castings on the presses.  It is unknown if Red Ball engaged in defense production during the war or if they were allowed to continue making kits. The 64 page 1941 Red Ball catalog confirms production of numerous train kits but also custom decals and mailing envelopes, letterhead stationary and calling cards for model builders.

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