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Not content with creating what is almost certainly the most accurate and detailed Imperial Star Destroyer CG model in existence right now, Anesl's Star Wars projects thread features various models of imperial fighters, shuttles, ground combat walkers and massive capital ships, the biggest of which being the formidable, 15km long behemoth - the Assertor-class Star Dreadnought, "Wrath".
Detailing from a starting library is amazingly fast once you know the style and density you want. In achieving such levels of what can only be described as "hyper-detailing", part of the challenge becomes balancing what should be modeled and what can safely be left out to ensure the model remains practical to work with. The paneling is a compromise between something that's actually visible and keeping everything approximately within polygon budget. A ship 30x the volume of an ISD done at the same resolution is going to be something like 60mil polygons.
With Ansel's skills at pixel pushing - and his uncanny speed at churning out new models - you'd be forgiven for assuming he's a professional artist. That he is a student of science will probably not surprise anyone who has taken the time to read Anel's posts.
That's one reason I try to have some consistent in-universe design principles behind the visual products I make. Scifi-Meshes wishes to thank Ansel for his time in answering our questions and, more importantly, for sharing his work with the SFM community. I have to say that being able to share my work and get feedback, support, and inspiration from a community of like-minded artists has been hugely important in both me developing as an artist and in my enjoyment of my favorite past time.
Even with all the time-saving efficiencies, it's impressive to hold down a research position and do that sort of thing. This is the benchmark to set for noobs like me, I just need to find some way of transfering his skills to me lol, absolutely fantastic does not even come close. One of the key things to developing a human person in art, is understanding the bodies many different structures, frames, builds, portions, and character. This is a sketch of the three different types of head poses that your realistic person can sport when you draw out your person. I want to explain this diagram in detail even though I already wrote it for you in the drawing.
As with other parts of the human face, there are lots of different eyes and eye expressions. Choose a face structure that you think would best fit your head figures, and then when you have chosen a face structure, begin sketching out the shape of the two faces.
Find hidden 3D realistic flying reptile Tropeognathus dinosaur bones skeleton model accompanied with dinosaur facts.
Turbolaser emplacements, sensor globes, hull paneling, pipes, vents and antennas cover the hulls of his creations.
Put the time in early to create a library of clean greebles in the style and density necessary for the project, and then clone, vary, and assemble. I've been amazed at the speed I can throw together capital ship detailing now; I should make a video of it. These decisions are directly linked to the intended physical size of your model and how close you will realistically be placing a camera to it.

Obviously there is a final level of grid detail, even on the ISD, that would never be modeled because it's simply not efficient to do so.
Some might say it's technobabble, but I say it's putting some "science" back into science fiction.
When asked if he had anything he'd like to share with the members of SFM, Ansel had this to say. Not only is their many different parts to a human, their is also different body shapes, creeds, and height. As you can see there is a total of nine different types of face structures, and all of them are their own shape. One is of a female, the middle figure is a male, and the last drawing is of a human skeleton. There are many differences and details you must master in order to draw the most accurate realistic person.
Start by drawing two circles for the heads of the male and female realistic person you are about to draw. Kids will become paleontologists when they assemble all bones together to recreate this Pterodactyl skeleton. Five years, 2,740 posts and almost four and a half hundred thousand thread views later and SFM's resident greeble addict Ansel "fractalsponge" Hsiao shows no signs of slowing down as he pumps out one incredibly detailed Star Wars model after another.
Something whose feasibility is directly related to how much you're willing to depart from fixed references.
In the case of a ship the size of an Imperial Star Destroyer, it is unlikely that you'll be zooming in to see individual windows on the surface, making carefully chamfered edges on windows a time - and polygon - consuming luxury best avoided. Part of what makes this project feasible (certainly within 2 months) is a trade off between detail resolution and size. This file already takes 3.3GB of ram to load, and 4-5 to render depending on the resolution. In fact, in Ansel's own words, his working hours are spent "studying bacterial pathogenesis and interactions between enteropathogens and gut commensal bacteria".
From a tiny starfighter to the massive Imperial capital ships, Ansel has considered factors in his designs such as mass, energy requirements, crew and fighter compliments, etc. Even if audiences, or movies or my own art, don't consciously think about such things, there's value and elegance in consistency and plausibility in fictional worlds and designs, especially scifi ones.
Today, I will try and show you to the best of my ability, "how to draw realistic people", step by step. One of the hardest things for me to do when it came time to draw a nose, is getting it to look portioned with the face I was drawing. Next, draw the facial guidelines, and try to make sure that the guidelines are drawn the way you see them here. I hope you had fun with this lesson, but more importantly, I hope you have learned something new today. While my own knowledge of bacterial pathogenesis is a little hazy - a quick Google search assures me that he's not just blatantly making things up.

Drawing realistic has become something of a project of mine which is why I have been doing a lot of celebrity tutorials. You have to remember, the size, shape, and structure of the nose should go along with the shape of the face.
All prehistoric world images and paintings are owned and copyrighted by Dinosaur Corporation. And even if he were, he has reasonable credentials for doing so - You see, Ansel has a PhD in Microbiology and now works as a Postdoctoral Fellow at Washington University in Saint Louis. I really want to get the whole concept of drawing people down packed so I can virtually draw anything I want to venture on. There is a slight indication of a cheek like you see here, and there is also a line that defines the ridge of the nose. This lesson is loaded with tips, tricks, and most importantly, the breakdown on different types of people. Read along the tips and you'll see what details you shouldn't leave out when you draw realistic people. It's best to start this lesson on a nice piece of sketching paper, and use a good pencil with a white eraser. Faces, noses, mouths, eyes, bodies, arms, legs, hands, feet, and other body parts are just as important to draw when creating a new realistic looking person.
There is many ways to draw something right, and there is also a ton of ways to draw something wrong. When you draw a realistic face, try and use the guidelines that I will provide for you so that the eyes, nose, and mouth all come out looking portioned, and aligned with each piece of the human face. If you follow this tutorial correctly, the end result will be a drawing of a realistic person. Another fun thing to when when you are finished with your sketch, is draw realistic clothes on your figure. I know the beliefs that Lawyers are bad because they only defend the guilty is something that gets talked about often. I on the other hand have an uncle that is a defense lawyer, and he said that his job is sometimes hard because even though some of the people he defends are innocent, they still wind up getting some sort of sentence. That is the reason why I drew lawyer clothes on my male realistic figure, because my favorite uncle is a lawyer.
Anyway, I think you will have fun with this tutorial, but most importantly, you will learn “how to draw realistic people” at your own pace, in your own home using this awesome drawing lesson.

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