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RailPro® is a pre-assembled, adjustable railing system providing an economical alternative to component parts. With kits running around $224, Axxys is one of the cheapest stair railing kits you can buy.The beauty of Axxys and similar kits is the pivoting connector for the balusters. While this may be true, I believe that you install a cable, tube, or glass railing system in order to show off that system.
This Do-It-Yourself system is designed for homeowners who would like to upgrade their stair system or add a level railing in their home, without the expense of hiring a trim carpenter or stair builder.

Rather, they are intended to prevent people or objects fromBase or Shoerail: Long section at bottom that parallels the railing. You'll find no shortage of railing kits for exterior (decks), but a far smaller pool of products for interior. While you can pick up StairSimple online or at Home Depot, RailPro involves a convoluted ordering process through L.J. Usually balusters are infill, but horizontal cables or tubes, or clear acrylic, can be used as infill, too.

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