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The UD Trucks and Kia Motors dealer networks form the backbone of our national support footprint across South Africa.
We hereby confirm that RailPro Equipment (Pty) Ltd are manufactures of rail gear equipment which is fitted to our K2700 model. The load bodies are manufactured by TFM Industries (Pty) Ltd, the largest specialised commercial bodybuilder on the continent. ABOUT USThe RailPro group is comprised of experienced engineers who hold the exclusive licence in South Africa to state-of-the-art DSDS™ technology. This model variant is used to maintain the Overhead Track Equipment (hence the designation “OHTE”).
The OHTE vehicle features a flat deck fitted with a Mobile Elevating Work Platform (“MEWP” or “cherry picker”). The crane base can be side-shifted across the truck to ensure maximum stability, with tilt safety switches and an emergency cut-off in place for additional safety. Rob Allen, who formerly managed the rail leasing fleet for Imperial Fleet Management has recently joined the team.

Each team comprises a qualified technician with semi-skilled assistant, equipped with a fully outfitted vehicle and trailer.
RailPro have fully equipped workshops, and integrate the DSDS™ conversion package onto standard road vehicles to allow them to run on rail. This is used to provide a means of earthing the vehicle, as well as a means of gauging the height and lateral location of overhead conductors. Tractionel’s Operations Manager, Juan Swart explains that a key driver in opting for the Railpro vehicle fitted with the DSDS™ system was the elimination of expensive and often troublesome imported railgear components. This photo was taken during a refresher training course run by DSDS for Transnet Freight Railway in May 2015. These teams are self-sufficient, capable of handling any breakdown or repair work required in the field. This serves as confirmation that the rail gear equipment fitted to the UD models in accordance to the design referred to above, should meet the safety standards.
The cherry picker can be controlled either from within the basket itself, or from the deck.

Our product range offers railway owners and contractors a quick and efficient platform for essential rail inspection, crew delivery and maintenance.
These units have been in service for the past three years (owned by Bidvest, on FML to TFR). The warranty on the said vehicles are not affected by the fitment, subject to compliance with the design. I am also excited by intermodal opportunities, not only our RailBus product for connecting remote communities, but also adapting our existing offer to transport freight.

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