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Decorative railings are the perfect compliment to any residential stair way, deck, patio or balcony. Although this railing was built just to comply with the building code, it ended being a beautiful addition to this backyard deck.
This balcony used to have wood rails that splintered and rotted away, which was also a great danger.
With this basic railing, we were able to not only comply with building code, but also add value to the architecture of the building. This basic handrail had to be built and installed over one weekend in order to make it in time for the building inspection.
Thanks for posting the bunker on the stated date, every thing is in good order, all built and looks first class.  Thanks, Barry. A classic ball top railing finished off with a decorative triple bush detail on some of the square vertical bars.
If you would like a black finish you can either coat them with paint suitable for exterior metal surfaces or choose powder coating prior to checkout. Provides a much harder finish than conventional paint.  Our powder coating is applied to an average thickness of 80 microns, exceeds the industry standard of 60 microns and complies with British Standards BS EN ISO 13438. Unless your ironworks are galvanized first rust will begin to show through over time though this may not happen for several years depending on the surrounding environment.  This is not a fault but is a natural trait of steel and any rust spots that appear on powder coated goods can be sanded down and touched up with paint suitable for exterior metal surfaces. 10% OFF all wrought iron goods from now and until end of March 2016 - use code 10OFF at the checkout.
Photos and comments of SEOIC's ornamental metal products such as: Aluminum Railings, Iron Stair Railings, Drive Gates, Wrought Iron Entry Doors, Deck Rails, Balcony Railings, Door Grilles, Fireplace Screens and much more.

Deck and Balcony Railings serve a safety purpose as well as adding that finishing touch of design to your structure.
As a final step before posting your comment, enter the letters and numbers you see in the image below. PREVIOUS POSTAluminum Spiral Stair Jacksonville, FL Newly installed custom aluminum spiral stair for the Shah residence in Jacksonville, FL. We make bespoke sizes without the high price tag so often associated with made to measure products. Unless your ironworks are galvanized rust will begin to show through over time.  This is not a fault but is a natural trait of steel.
Other colours of powder coating are available on request, please email us with your requirements. Follow the steps bellow and you will be well on your way to have that beautiful addition to your home or office.
They are used to add that touch of elegance over a window or door and even are applied over reveals on building structures. These balcony sytems typically come complete with the deck or flooring as well as the railing and frame that will attach to your structure.
I recommend getting a rough measurement at the beginning unless you are absolutely sure you will be purchasing the new railings.
Make sure the company that you select is prepared to provide you with detailed to scale drawings and will work with you to ensure that you are getting the exact railing system you want. We created a custom sized landing in order to offset the spiral stair away from the doorway.

Whatever your needs, all of our railing products meet or exceed government safety requirements and building codes. For example if you require railing at 550mm high x 914mm wide we would only charge you for 610mm high x 914mm wide (the next size up in our price band).
Our top specification finish is hot dip galvanized and powder coated which provides an extremely durable and maintenance free finish. These type of railing systems really offer a lot of flexibility to Architects and home or business owners by allowing them to install a usable balcony at a lower cost. You may also search the Internet to locate the code requirements for your area although, it is a safer bet to call the building department. When taking the rough or detailed measurements, make sure to provide the number of openings as this can change the cost of the railings due to the number of posts that may be required. We will be adding a custom aluminum decorative support bracket on our next trip to the Shah residence. Our galvanized products may have a slightly uneven colour and texture due to the fine finishing we carry out by hand which we call linishing. We do this to smooth out small burrs or shards of zinc that naturally occur during the galvanizing process.
Please bear this in mind if you order galvanized only products that you are not going to paint.

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