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This beautiful AR-15 by Guns & Gardens looks like the stars of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic just barfed all over it.
My own aesthetic tastes lean toward wood stocked milsurp, but I can appreciate this design.
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Dreams of reopening the railway line towards Fleetwood from Poulton have a long way to go before they become a reality, rail chiefs said today. Network Rail, the authority responsible for the countrya€™s rail lines, has not ruled out the line being brought back into service a€“ but said it would not happen any time soon.
It said it had been contacted by three different groups interested in re-opening the line, each with different uses in mind, but no concrete plans had been put forward yet. One group keen on seeing trains running along the line again is the Poulton and Wyre Railway Society (PWRS). Mr Fisher said: a€?The stakeholders came back with some questions and comments about the business plan.
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