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With all the additional accessories, you can create your own landscape around the train that makes it fun for both youth and adults.
The Bachmann Rail Chief train set comes with an EMD GP40 replica locomotive, a hopper, a gondola, box car and caboose.
The set is an HO-scale model, which is smaller than both G- and O-scale models, but is considered the most popular train size by model train enthusiasts. This model train set comes with 12 curved tracks, one straight track and one terminal piece that powers the track.
What separates this train set from many others is the number of included accessories it comes with.
Complete with miniature people and a signal bridge, this 130-piece set will let you oversee your own detailed railroading empire.
The locomotive does not make noise or puff smoke like the best train sets we reviewed, but it has a working headlight.

This Bachmann train set comes with 48 figurines, 36 telephone poles, 48 road signs and a signal bridge. It lacks sound effects and an operating smoke stack, but this complete model train set has more accessories than many others we reviewed.
The E-Z snap-together track pieces fit well, and you can assemble them within a matter of minutes. The locomotive displayed some small paint chips on the front on the yellow paint strip, just below the window.
These accessories add to the scenery of your train set, allowing you to create a miniature world and adding to the fun for both adults and children.
However, you have to make sure you don't push the ends together too hard or else the metal rails become uneven and your train won't stay on the tracks. There was also a small black paint smudge on the window of the locomotive that we could not wipe off.

The E-Z snap tracks are the simplest tracks to assemble compared to the rest of the model train sets we reviewed. There were also some tiny paint chips below Western Fruit Express in which the black paint was coming through the yellow. Other than those small details, the locomotive looked good, but not to the paint quality of our best model trains.

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