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One issue that’s always cropped up, though, no matter how many bulbs I have and where they’re placed, is shadow. It’s not perfect as the battery pack does add a bit of weight to your Optivisor, but not an unwieldy amount.
Donegan Optical also released the VisorLIGHT, a clip-on light that was a re-engineered Mag-Light flashlight that would work in line with your vision.
I was recently contacted by a representative from Novacon who offered a different approach to lighting the OptiVISOR. Rather than clipping a light to the top of the visor, Novacon has embedded six super-bright white LEDs into a new frame that overlays the existing lens on your OptiVISOR. The unit you see here is a pre-production prototype and may look a little different on the production model.
LEDs have a much longer lifespan than normal light bulbs, so this should be a tool that will last for several years of solid use. I don't know what these lights will retail for when they enter production, but let me tell you that I am hooked in just the first few minutes of use.
On my old workbench I had the swing arm lighting, but it always seemed to get in the way or the light was pointed in the wrong direction. I am looking for suggestions on which lighting you use on your workbench, good, bad, and not so ugly.
I have two strips of LEDs, one right above the outer edge of the bench and another about a foot and a half towards the back. Car body shops deal with it on a daily basis when repairing damaged vehicles so the color matches under sunlight and under the lights in the vehicle owner's garage.
But when I need to see something clearly, I need an optivisor and mine has 6 bright LED's on the hood so it becomes the primary work light on my workbench. The lights do dim over a period of time, but the Quasar LS still remains intensely bright even after 16 hours of continuous use.

We also feel that because of its design, functionality and performance you will find it to be the best possible lighting solution available for your magnifying visor. You can clean the lenses of your visor without removing the lighting frame by spraying the manufacturers recommended cleaning solution onto a clean cloth and then using the cloth to clean the lenses. In the event your Quasar LS should get wet, remove the entire assembly from your visor, remove the batteries from the battery holder and blow out any excess liquid with compressed air. Different fixtures mounted on the ceiling, walls, and free standing, holding bulbs of, initially, daylight corrected incandescents, then CFL’s, and now I’m switching to the new daylight corrected LED bulbs. No matter where you’re working, you lean in close to a project and BAM, suddenly you’ve got a big shadow from your head (and for some of us, that can be a BIG shadow!).
I have the old Optivisor flashlight attachment that I never used, as it didn’t put out enough light.
In fact, I have had one for many years and will not work on a model with out my OptiVISOR on my head. Unscrew the existing lens mounting screws from the OptiVISOR, replace them with snap pins that run through the light frame, lens plate, and finally through the OptiVISOR itself. The instructions that accompany the unit show that non-rechargeable AA batteries have the best performance for light brightness and duration. We modelers usually have to move lights around to provide adequate illumination when trying to work inside a cockpit that has been mounted inside the fuselage. These new bright white (almost blue) LEDs are so bright that looking into them for prolonged periods can cause eye damage (just like visible laser LEDs). Easy way to tell if a car has been repaired - view it under bright sunlight and then at night view it under high pressure sodium lights in a parking lot. I never ran across the term, nor ever knew you could check out a repair area on a vehicle just by observing under different lighting conditions.
I can use the mag lamp to focus one of the ceiling lights for a very intense spot if I need it.

Both of these are longer, have less bulk in the arms, are much easier to move, and stay put. The new LED bulbs aren’t inexpensive, the last 100w I bought was $40, but it’s perfectly balanced for color, generates no heat, and will last the rest of my life. When I had an opportunity to review another one, my wife promptly 'procured' the review sample as soon as I'd finished the photography for her own hobbies. The illumination diffuses rather quickly beyond a few feet, which is just fine since the lenses are not optimized for that distance anyway. Since these are aimed away from you, you are not in any danger of hurting your eyes unless you're working on a mirror or some highly reflective surface. This gives me a nice even light that really helps to eliminate shadows caused by hands, heads or tools. The Quasar comes with everything you need to get it working, except for a small screwdriver. The monitors are on  a sliding shelf that pushes to the back of the work bench allowing me to have either a little or a lot of work space and the benefit of the light from the monitors.
Using the existing mounting holes for the magnifier plate, and a Velcro strap for the battery box, the assembly installs in mere minutes. It’s such a great idea that I fully expect Optivisor to start incorporating something like this into their visors in the future (unless they already have and I missed the product announcement).
When I first tried it I believe my exact words, said aloud, were “Holy crap, that’s a lot of light!” It’s not like shining a spotlight on your work, but it’s a good amount of light, aimed right where you’re looking, and it completely eliminates shadows.
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