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Take the LIRR to Atlantic Terminal (just 20 minutes from Jamaica), located across the street from Barclays Center.
Barclays Center is less than two miles from the Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridge bike paths as well as the Brooklyn Waterfront Greenway.
The 40 free bike parking spaces are available to event attendees in the plaza at the corner of 6th Avenue and Pacific St. Constructed from outdated dreams and now-defunct infrastructures, Boswash is the residue left behind when traditional notions of the city no longer hold sway.
As infrastructure across the country has been failing, the housing developments it spawned have been foreclosed and the continent appears to have been structured in models of mobility we can no longer afford in financial, environmental, and social terms; the notions of progress that supported the continual sprawling American expansion no longer ring true.
Within the infrastructural leftovers of this now outdated dream lies the possibility of conceiving of Boswash not as the inevitable outcome of perfect engineering but as a highly orchestrated and deliberately produced platform from which we might imagine alternate paths, different trajectories, or new cultural dreams. To treat the I-95 corridor as a platform for divergent forms of invention is ultimately to project the existence of Boswash not from the apparent monotony of the drive, but through the leveraging of I-95 as a platform for dissensus, or moments of difference accumulating around the distributed effects of infrastructural fallout. Les taxis de New York, avec leur peinture jaune distinctive, sont une icone largement reconnue de la ville de New York1.

Dans ce magazine, decouvrez vous-meme les secrets de la filiere ethno-cosmetique, , les bienfaits des produits de beaute et les particularites des soins destines a la beaute « Black ».
Meejin Yoon of Boston firm Höweler + Yoon Architecture are the winners of the Audi Urban Future Award 2012.
Höweler+Yoon Architecture is one of the five architectural offices that were selected to develop a vision on future urban mobility for the competition. Yet, Boswash was imaginable only retroactively: a continentally scaled afterthought built in strands of interstates, self-similar subdivisions, and networks of infrastructure. To imagine an alternate life for the road and its itinerant urban effects is also to imagine its alternate augmentation in the form of new American Dreams. Where the drive today is numbed with the unrelenting expanse of undifferentiated urban material, the corridor might be reimagined as a platform for staging other infrastructural narratives and moments of political, social, and spatial difference, and with them, new possible incarnations of the American Dream. Les taxis sont exploites par des societes privees et agreees par la Commission de Taxi et Limousine de New York (New York City Taxi and Limousine Commission).
In lived experience, however, these relatively clear spatial edges give way to dense matrices of unseen geographies, locales described less through politically negotiated borders and more through the edges of economic zones, climatological regions, communication infrastructures, and territories of mobility and transportation.

Its promise of the single-family home, with a front lawn and two-car garage, coupled with automobility, precipitated the postwar American suburb and its corresponding cultures (pool parties, Tupperware, and barbecues), architectural manifestations (ranchburgers, drive-throughs, and big-box stores), and neuroses (housewife blues, road rage, eating disorders).
New iterations of occupational invention could be staged as strategies for augmenting infrastructures that engage local stakeholders in generating new possibilities for the future of personal mobility.
Connected, divided, and inscribed with the infrastructures of mobility, communication, and economics, this territory of leftovers strung along the interstate highway I-95, was discovered by geographers and urban theorists in the accumulated accidents of each individual city’s modernization.
Boswash’s contemporary infrastructural coincidences and unsuspecting publics might have already begun to transform the products and manifestations (both cultural and spatial) of that American Dream.
Il s’adresse principalement a tous les acteurs et les decideurs de l’industrie du cosmetique.

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