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Gothenburg is the second largest city in Sweden, located in Vastra Gotaland county, and is a place where such large companies like 'Volvo' or 'SAAB' were established.
Nowadays the transport system of the Greater Gothenburg consists of tram (sparvag), bus (buss, stombuss), commuter rail (Goteborgs pendeltag) and ferry services. Take a look at my To view links or images in signatures your post count must be 10 or greater. The Gothenburg tram network is a part of the public transport system organised by 'Goteborgs Sparvagar AB', controlled by 'Vasttrafik'.
There are 161 km of tram tracks in the city and due to this fact Gothenburg hosts the largest tram network in Scandinavia which is used by more than 200 trams that serve 13 lines in daytime (5 at nightime). The tram system is very important for Gothenburg as it is the background of the transport system in this city. Please note, that the trams and the lines have the specific color code which match together and make it easier to use the system.
I didn't know that there were three lines going all the way to Angered, that is pretty much. Even thought the tram-light rail network is very important for Gothenburg, the bus network has no less importance, since the bus services contribute the tram network and servem ore distant destinations. The buses that are used in Gothenburg are comfortable and environment - friendly, hybrid 'Volvo' and 'Scania' cars. Gothenburg commuter rail (Goteborgs pendeltag) is the commuter rail system associated with Gothenburg. There are two major lines - one between Gothenburg and Alingsas, the second between Gothenburg and Kungsbacka. The pace the urban population and thus the number of vehicles are increasing on city roads, we will have to look for some alternative public transport system to keep up the pace of city life all across the world.

Based on the magnetic levitation (maglev), the new means of transportation keeps the city dwellers away from chaotic jams and run along its track, allowing an efficient as well as emission free ride. The wings of the system move along the magnetic track, while on the other hand, the two cabins remain completely still, making it safe enough for people to travel without seat belts. We notice that each flying pod can carry up to 2 person, yes it’s more private but we kinda hope that it can carry more persons to eliminate any queue. Design(dot)fr is a place to discover and share web content about design, architecture and decorative art. Also like IndiaTV's official Facebook page and follow us on Twitter to stay tuned to latest news. Also, the city is known for the largest port in Scandinavia which has some of the most up to date facillities. The agency responsible for public transport services in the city and whole the county is called 'Vasttrafik' and its ownership is shared equally between the county and the 49 municipalities in the region.
Also, many of the buses, like airport shuttles and regional ones (except the color coded express busses - green, orange, red, et.c), usually run as the city buses and at small time intervals. Also, there is a more specific type of buses used in the most popular lines - they are 2.5 m long 'Volvo' buses (stombuss), which are known to be one of the longest city buses in the World.
I used to live in Partille for a few weeks, before i got studetbostad and while i traveled to the city and back the buses usually were nearly full. The trains go on the main - line tracks, shared with long-distance trains and freight trains. The other lines are regional rail lines, going to cities further away, with a higher speed, more sparse stops. Intended towards congested cities that we can foresee in next 10-15 years, the Maglev by British designer Chris Hanley is a public transport system that embarks a brand new way of traveling with new flair of roller coaster like experience, and that too with the safety of an average bus.

Suspending above the lanes or streets of the major cities, the new system will use skyscrapers as stations to board and deboard passengers. In addition, transport concept adds the elements of luxury and first class travel with leather seating and stainless steel framework. The concept is a hybrid of public and private transportation providing quick access built with existing infrastructure with minimal space and time. We believe there are many people who would choose to use this flyover instead of land transportation, because it’s fast and quiet.
Gothenburg has always been the city where infrastructure played an important role in its hystory and i would like to invite You all to participate in a discussion about the existing and planned infrastructure projects in the city and whole the county. The figures are expected to increase when the second stage of Kringen (Kollektivringen, the public transport ring) is finished.
Rotating the central wing at 360°, thanks to its radical design, this public transport can maneuver around sharp corners, allowing it to move down narrow roads within the cities. Moreover, the white glossy interior adds the sense of an enhanced environment, making the public transport more comfortable and desirable.
The design addresses the shortcomings of Flyovers and metros (robust structures owing to dead weight) which would require high consumption of raw materials, construction time, and money. The future vision consists of pre built structures which would minimize traffic disruption during construction.

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