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In 1945 the Fairbanks-Morse Corporation conceived a new line of streamlined box cab diesel locomotives. These were named "Consolidation' or "C-Line", to reflect the builder's effort to consolidate a multiplicity of customer options into a single common standard A or B unit without altering the basic design. Cab units with a B-B wheel arrangement were models CFAI6-4 and CFA20-4 for freight service and model CPA 16-4 for passenger service; this Proto 1000 model represents one of these locomotives.
Between 1950 and 1952, the F-M plant in Beloit, Wisconsin, built 36 CFAI6-4 units for the New York Central (S), Pennsylvania (16) Milwaukee (12) and 12 CFA20-4 units for the New York Central.
In 1952 and 1953, the Canadian Locomotive Company in Kingston, Ontario, operating under license from F-M, completed 29 CFAI6-4 units for the Canadian National (23) and Canadian Pacific (6) as well as 10 CFAI6-4 units for the Canadian Pacific. The CFAI6-4 "C-Liners" were powered by an S-cylinder, two-cycle, opposed-piston engine which generated 1,600 horsepower while the CFA20-4 models had a 10 cylinder engine generating 2,000 horsepower. The trucks were symmetrically designed to enable the complete truck to be rotated ISO degrees under the locomotive to equalize wheel flange wear.
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Developed in the 1960s by Canada's National Steel Car Company, these cars are designed to haul huge rolls of paper produced by Canadian mills to printing houses across the continent. These ready-to-run models feature authentic paint schemes, metal wheels, knuckle couplers and modeler-applied wire grab irons for added realism.
Single cars and limited-run 2-packs offer you three roadnumbers per roadname - perfect for modelers who want a whole fleet. The 1,500-horsepower units were designed for versatility - they were equally at home working road freights or switch runs. DMW, the creator and maintainer of these web pages, assumes that all contributions are made free of charge.
During their service lives, three R22 cars served on the Times Square and Grand Central shuttle in automatic train operation, and three different cars served to demonstrate crewless operation.
If equipped with a steam generator, they were adept at working commuter and secondary passenger runs. This RS-2 is painted for the Southern Railway, a railroad I ordinarily DO NOT model, but I was fascinated by the green paint job.This is a Proto 1000, Walthers lower priced line, but it runs as well as locomotives costing twice as much.

The RS 2s woul make a great addition to what I have right now on my model railroad what freight cars I have for the locomotive to pull them with when I run the train.
The Southern Railway locomotives are kind of foreign power on my railroad along with the Florida East Coast, Southern Pacific, Burilington Northern, Baltimore and Ohio, Richmond Fredericksburg and Potomac, Conraiil , Penn Central, Norfolk Southern, and the Norfolk and Western to name a few. The engines have been long lived, with one survivor still holding down daily freight duties in 2007.
These detailed locos feature a heavy diecast chassis,factory-installed 9-pin DCC harness, 14:1 gear ratio helical-cut gears for quiet operation and easy multiple unit operation with PROTO 2000 locos, a five-pole skew-wound motor, all-wheel drive and electrical pickup, dual machined brass flywheels, RP-25 contour blackened wheels and magnetic knuckle couplers.

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