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The Gaugemaster DCC49 Prodigy DCC Booster Unit allows you to separate your layout into different power districts meaning you can run even more locomotives on your digitally controlled layout. In order for this site to work properly, and in order to evaluate and improve the site we need to store small files (called cookies) on your computer. Over 90% of all websites do this, however, since the 25th of May 2011 we are required by EU regulations to obtain your consent first. Ce montant comprend les droits de douane, les taxes, les frais de courtage et les autres frais applicables. THIS ITEM IS NOT A TOY, MAY CONTAIN SMALL PARTS AND IS NOT DESIGNED NOR INTENDED FOR CHILDRENUNDER 14 YEARS OF AGE. The ac adapter is a small universal switching power supply that will work on input voltages from 100 to 240 volts and has an output of 15 volts at 1.6 amps. The command station is combined with a booster with a rated output of 15 volts at 1.6 amps.
The only problem is the F2 key is used for the horn or whistle and blows when pressed and stop when released. You should avoid setting anything on the top of the command station as there are air vents on the top and blocking the air flow could cause it to overheat.
I have three DCC equipped N scale diesel locomotives that are used with the portable layout. The Prodigy Express is a low cost system best used for a small layout using with maybe one or two operators. Accordingly, We believe that when you decide to go to Command Control that you do so with the least anxiety, the best support, the most security and choose a system that you decide is best for you. I have chosen to use the heavy duty tool boxes such as the Stanley FatMax above to assure that the components survive rough handling.
Prodigy Express Box used as it's cheap second hand and much smaller than the Advanced box. On the left is the RRamp meter from Tony's Trains as well as well as a Sountraxx Booster for programming of sound decoders. It really was not that hard to make this tester box so if anyone has any questions, please ask. I really like your setup as well, it would fit my needs very well, as I run my own decoder installation service for the local railroaders.
Google Ads are only seen by non-members of RMweb - Create an RMweb account and you'll only receive modelling ads. I use a Gaugemaster Prodigy Advance 2 system on my DCC layout, which is a modern-image TMD. I am quite satisfied with the Prodigy Advance 2 walkaround controllers (I have two!), but every so often ALL the locomotives start up and lights turn on, or just all the lights turn on. I do not think I am doing anything wrong (at least not knowingly!), and I thought it might be because I had two walkaround controllers connected, so unplugged one, but the same thing still happened about five minutes later. If required I will get the larger amperage base unit (or whatever it is!), because my layout is all about a busy TMD with, obviously, lots of locomotives.
With my slightly older Prodigy Advance I sometime find that it decides what locos were doing what on the next operating session. It sounds like the Gaugemaster is recovering from a short & perhaps is rebooting which causes the locos to react in the manner you describe. All I can suggest is that you remove the locos & replace them one by one to see if you can replicate the problem.
As for shutting down procedures, I always turn off the locomotives and clear the Recall memory before turning off the base unit, then disconnect from the mains. Hi Bill,sorry to hear of the problem, but as you say the easy option is use less locos or at least make they are turned off, could you make some depot storage lines isolated ?? Not seen your layout or know how you wired it up, i think the easiest option would be isolating several of the depot parking tracks.

I fully concur with you fella as coming back into railroading, obvious for may layout DCC is the way. Reading your last post if all was ok upto that moment, then as some said before, it could be that loco or that frog which has a small problem. One would expect a loose wire to cause something not to work or might cause a short circuit but is is hard to see why it should induce the Prodigy to turn sound decoders on. All existing orders will be shipped as soon as we are able to on a first come first served basis.
Ideal for increasing power from your Prodigy Express system, or for creating power districts. All returns must include an RA number and the original product packaging and documentation (if any). MULTIPLE PURCHASES MUST BE COMBINED FOR SHIPPING BEFORE PAYMENT (use the eBay shopping cart or request a combined invoice before paying). The rating of 1.6 amps should be ample to power at least a few HO locomotives and more in smaller scales. The difference is the Prodigy Express has fewer features than the advance cab with the same number of keys. Up to 25 address can be used but only 5 will be retained by the cab when power is turned off. I started by running two QSI sound equipped engines , a standard Athearn F7 and a SoundTraxx LC decoder equipped locomotive.
If you do not like it, send it back for your refund or exchange (subject to restock charge at discretion of Tony's Train Exchange). This rig has DC PMW controllers installed, but I can replaces all of these controllers in my Large Scale box with RF receivers or DCC Controlers and Boosters.
These boxes are actually designed to be used as stools, and being water tight has come in handy on rainy garden layouts and for clumsy operators. I use the Prodigy Advance squared with the Express Command Station so I can program Decoders. It may be a particular loco has developed a fault or it may be overloading of the power supply as others have suggested or it could be that a fault has developed in the Gaugemaster.. The way companies advertise it you think bingo easy done, then as you look at different controls systems. Then systems cost over $500 and decoders were relatively expensive compared to today’s prices. For larger scales MRC has boosters available that will work with the Prodigy Express command station. The cabs are connected with cables using telephone style connectors.,The Prodigy systems use an 8 pin connector.
Two of the switches have NCE Snap -Its for control of a track that cuts across the loop making a reversing section.
I used the program track and the read-back function of the Prodigy Advance cab to read the address There was no problem running the three. The Prodigy Express cab is more like an operators cab than a system cab like the Prodigy Advance cab.
Anderson Powerpole connectors, as recommend by the NMRA and N-Track, are used for most internal and all external connections.
The website does NOT state that you can have more locomotives on the layout, and looking at the photo of the Power Booster, it is not at all clear how you are to connect up the booster, or what amperage is available to ALL of the layout, or anything of any use to a prospective purchaser.
Same on the loco either wire or decoder so probably start checking those 2 out first, as may remedy that problem and put it all back into full service you had before.
After 14 days, defective items may be resolved through the manufacturer under their warranty.
Competition and advances in technology have brought down the cost of getting started in DCC.

The express cab adds keys for F10 to F15 in place of the features removed from the advance cab.
As always more then likely something simple and soon rectified for your full enjoyment again.
UNOPENED AND UNUSED ITEMS*, that are in their original sealed packaging may be returned within 30 DAYS of your receipt. The added features of the advance cab can be used with the Prodigy Express system by using a Prodigy Advance Cab. The exception is the MRC #AD360 accessory decoder that uses mobile (locomotive) addresses 1 to 127.
But then when you look at loco`s depending on speed you want to run them at, or if any inclines are used etc, the loco can draw from 300ma to 1.5aamps and that wonderful thought of running 8 loco`s at once may only be 3 max. Far too much hype to try make things sound better or do better then they can do in real time use.TO Bill,THANK YOU your a gent and a scholar, if i hadn`t seen this original thread and your remark on frog juicers ( just seen your other jucier post) I have to admit the forthcoming layout does have many double slips, 5 each side of the central station.
With the low power from the Prodigy Express the one amp 912 lamp would light on a short without shutting down the booster. If you need to either control DCC switches or need the read-back capability adding a Prodigy Advance cab to the Prodigy Express system puts you close to the cost of the Prodigy Advance system. Although not shown in this picture, I have installed LED lighting strips and spare part holders in the open spaces in the lid.
The advance cabs add system setup commands, fast clock, program track read back, universal (old-style) consisting, routes and accessory decoders setup. When the output was shorted and the short corrected the power came back on from the booster, but the cab display showed “SvdA”. Most of the electronic circuit breakers like the PowerShields trip at a higher current than the rating of the Prodigy Express. I was convinced electro-frog does look far better, not for the prototypical workings better then silver rail and then black plastic gap. MRC (Model Rectifier Corporation) has responded to this with a line of popular priced DCC products. If you can’t find the instruction manual there is a list of instructions on the back of the cab for quick references.
To clear the display I had to unplug the cab and plug it back in or turn the power off and back on. It would be no surprise to see the Prodigy Express cab offered as a separate item that could be used to increase the number of operators on either the Advance or Express system. The wiring for the points was my only dread of the layout build, but seeing your post and having just looked at frog juicers, how so simple doh and worth their weight in gold id say.
MRC has recently added a new line diesel and steam sound decoders to their DCC products along with DCC systems. It does support two digit addressing of 1 to 127 and four digit of 1 to 9999 plus consisting. There is no power switch so you either have to unplug the transformer or use a power strip with a switch. Making cab cables may be a problem because the 8 pin connectors are not as available as the 4 and 6 pin connectors. The Prodigy Express does not support the use of analog or non-decoder equipped locomotives. Commonly used lamps for short circuit protection like the 1141 and 1156 both will draw too much current and trip the booster, but the 912 at one amp works OK.

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