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Next step will be to create the appearance of there being crockery etc on  the tables. Miniature figures are available in an abundance for all common scales, from Z up to G and beyond, in pretty much every pose (even some rather naughty ones!) you can imagine and in a wide array of materials. As well as a vast array of people, a huge variety of animals are also available, from the most popular farm animals like cows, sheep and horses, through to the more exotic forest creatures from Busch which include snakes and squirrels.
Both painted and unpainted figures are very widely available for the railway modeller and diorama builder. Painting generally requires a steady hand, some fairly subdued, matt colours and a fine brush. When painting figures, first apply a base colour (the colour that will cover the largest area). For a really detailed tutorial on painting plastic model figures, check out this tutorial by the chaps at Gaugemaster.
For many of us, our first experiments with figures involve planting a few choice characters on platforms and pavements, but we often neglect to populate our carriages and locomotive cabs. To install passengers, it is necessary to remove the body of the coach, but in most cases, the body will just be held on with a could of plastic clips which can usually be undone by slipping a fingernail behind the clip or gently prising the clips with a small screwdriver or pocket knife blade.

One thing is for sure though, unless your modelling the busiest commuter train at rush hour, it’s not necessary to fill every seat and gangway with passengers to make it look busy.
Unless we live in the most remote areas of the countryside, the world around us, particularly around those areas we choose to model, is rarely ever deserted, so it goes without saying, you’re going to need figures, and probably lots of them to bring your layout to life. The largest variety of scale model figures come from European manufacturers such as Preiser, Noch and Faller, and are designed for 1:87 scale (HO) use.
Again, the European manufacturers like Faller seem to have the monopoly on the vast majority of animals. As you’d expect, painted figures are generally more expensive, the but finish on most is usually pretty good (especially the Preiser Exclusive range which is just amazing!). Then when dry, they should be given a coat of primer to help your chosen paints to adhere well. Many modellers recommend using oil or cellulose based paints, but my preference is for artists acrylics as I can wash my brushes out just plain old tap water.
Most model carriages these days offer a clear view of the interior, plus the increasing use of interior lighting in ready to run models makes the omission of passenger figures from coaches pretty much inexcusable.
Just a few passengers in the window seats on both sides will do the trick, then maybe the odd passenger walking to the buffet car etc will add an extra dynamic.

They can however be used on OO scale layouts providing they are not positioned too closely to OO scale figures or anything that’s obviously OO.
For those that are a little more cost concious though, painting doesn’t actually take too long and you get great satisfaction from painting a batch of your own figures. If your figures aren’t on a sprue, a tiny drop of superglue on one foot can be used to stick them to a strip of wood, making them easier to hold while you paint them. Leave plenty of time for drying between each colour, especially when adding detail using acrylics. Figures can be held in place using a tiny blob of PVA or Deluxe Materials Tacky Wax on one or two feet. The slight difference in height is acceptable though in most cases as we all vary in size and shape in the real world. The airing cupboard, or a shelf above a warm radiator can help reduce the drying time between coats.

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