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Najcastejsie sa na stavbu zrubov pouziva opracovana gulatina, osetrena ochrannymi a protipoziarnymi natermi, ktora sa uklada na seba a roznymi technikami sa jednotlive brvna do seba po celej dlzke ciastocne zapustaju, cim nevznikaju medzi gulatinou medzery. Velmi pekne prevedenie zrubu je stavba z brvien roznych hrubok, alebo pretrcajuce konce, pripadne aj dalsie detajli z rozsirenych a hrubo zvrasnenych kmenov.
Building and remodeling contractor Hammer & Hand unveiled its plans today to expand operations to the Seattle Metro region. Hammer & Hand’s success, and the addition of “Seattle remodeler and builder” to its vita, comes thanks to growing demand for better performing residences and commercial and institutional structures. To respond to this trend, contractors need to become adept building science technicians as well as good carpenters.

Hammer & Hand is dedicated to stewardship of the built environment through craft and science, everything from traditional kitchen remodels to deep energy retrofits to modernist Passive House structures. Reach out to the author: contact and available social following information is listed in the top-right of all news releases. If I like it and decide to continue, I'll get 6 more issues (7 in all) for just $14.95, a savings of 64%!
V miestach rohov budovy sa priecne zapilia a brvna obidvoch stretavajucich sa stien sa do seba striedavo zapustaju. Suteren, garaz, komin, niektore steny, ci ine casti stavby z kamena dodavaju zrubom ten dokonaly vzhlad a v mnohych pripadoch maju aj prakticke vyuzitie.

Photo by Peter Eckert.Hammer & Hand's Glasswood commercial Passive House retrofit - the first such project in the nation. V zavislosti od poziadaviek investora sa mozu pretrcajuce konce gulatiny orezat, alebo sa mozu nehat pravidelne, alebo nepravidelne pretrcat.

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