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A PowerLock Box is a 3 phase high power connecting unit, used as a termination point for power cables. The ITT VEAM PowerLock connectors are plastic bodied single pole connectors for use in high power, low voltage applications. The ITT VEAM Snaplock connectors are plastic bodied single pole connectors for use in low voltage power applications up to 250amp.

Just enter a whole or partial part number, competitor part number or Mil-Spec into any search and view the results under Part Number Matches. Powerlock single pole connectors are designed to provide safe, reliable and quick connection of mobile generators and distros. The boxes include a number of safety features to prevent incorrect connection and disconnection.

Anywhere that you are unable to rely on a public utility power source, a PowerLock Box can provide a connection point for a mobile generator, into your low voltage (1500 volt DC) network.

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