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You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Leister Triac 3400W pvc memebrane welding machine, View PVC welding machine, Lesite Product Details from Fuzhou Lesite Plastic Welding Technology Co., Ltd. Since blackwater tanks cannot be repaired safely due to chemical hazards with extreme heat, our clients are lucky.
MD-80 is a Hot-Jet Welding machine as the standard model and with improvement of low noise by inventing Diaphragm Blower. Wide variation of usage such as welding thermal plastic, drying limited part, shrinking small diameter tube, and for the machine of P.P. As every Main Page and Nozzle part of Welding Gun is heated with use, never touch these parts and keep off flammable objects. The material of welding rod must be same as the base material, not with standing the different thickness.

It also comes equipped with a potentiometer to adjust welding temperatures for different melting points, giving you the versatility to work with a wide variety of plastic materials. Make sure to put these parts on the particular stand with heat resistance after switching off the machine. I ordered a piece of replacement vinyl from a pool liner maker in NY and welded it into the pool!
Big 2' x 8' job and two years later no leaks!Since then I use this tool about as much as a screw driver.
After alittle bit of a learning curve, the tabs tabs are back on and the grill once again firmly installed. This saved me the $$$ cost of a new grill.On a side note, if you heat with coal this will making starting the fire easier than ever.
I have been using a heat gun to start the coal fire and the first time I used this welder I thought I must try this with the coal.

I since have welded plastic mower parts, bumper covers, plastic tool cases, plastic chairs, and many other things. The key to successful welding is making sure you use the right rod for the plastic you are welding, getting the heat set to the correct temperature and moving at t right speed. You can sometimes cut a piece of plastic off the repair item to use as welding rod if you don't have the proper rod.
Be sure to turn the heat off and let the fan run to cool the welder off before turning it off.
I should have taken it back for exchange but I use it so much I haven't taken the time to do it.

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