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Samsung may release two new Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphones this Spring to compete on multiple price levels, according to a new investor note from the man who accurately predicted many of the iPhone 5s features in 2013. Rumors of multiple Samsung Galaxy S5 models are not new, but while most of the earlier rumors suggested Samsung would offer a best Galaxy S5 option with a metal case, this new rumors suggests all Galaxy S5 models will use a plastic casing. In a note to investors Ming-Chi Kuo released new Samsung Galaxy S5 specs and features that he believes we will see in both of these models.
The Samsung Galaxy S5 specs, plans for two plastic models (one with a QHD display) and more arrive as part of a new investor note.
According to the note published on AppleInsider, the Samsung Galaxy S5 will arrive in two models worldwide and two models in Korea. The leaked Galaxy S5 specs from Kuo’s note show that there will be three key differences between the Galaxy S5 models that he believes are on the way for 2014. Even with a plastic case, Samsung is not necessarily out of a race to compete with a metal HTC M8, the Apple iPhone 5s and iPhone 6. Despite the differences the two Galaxy S5 models will both use a plastic case according to Kuo, and they will both support a fingerprint reader for enhanced security. The Samsung Galaxy S5 release date is rumored for April or May with a launch event in March looking more likely by the day.
It is not clear what the price difference will be for the Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime and Standard, especially if the biggest difference to consumers is a higher resolution screen.
Expect more Samsung Galaxy S5 details such as the design and software features to leak as the launch draws closer. In a move that probably surprises no one, Samsung’s mobile business chief Shin Jong-kyun revealed that the company is working on a 64-bit smartphone.

We’ve seen various Angry Birds inspired creations like birthday cake, LEGO models, and more. The set of Angry Birds themed paper crafts is designed by Adrian, a toy collector and papercraft designer from Singapore. Jokes aside, the idea of 3D printing consumable food totally changes the way I think about the future of 3D Printing. Even if you’re on a budget, you can enjoy piping hot meals made fresh in the kitchen (or dingy, cobwebby basement laboratory). Parents too busy to whip up a fresh, home-cooked meal for their younglings on Thanksgiving Day? This entry was posted in Editorial, Funny Posts, Practically Humorous and tagged 3d printer humor, cooking, kitchen, printing pizza, random, science, spoof, technology. Pick up my short story at Amazon!Please support me by leaving a rating or review on Amazon! Kuo is best known for his insider information on Apple products like the upcoming iPhone 6, but with sources deep inside the Asian supply chains used by Samsung and Apple it is not surprising to see this level of detail from Kuo. In the past multiple Galaxy S models only represented processor and radio changes, but this time around the screen will be a defining factor. In the note Kuo rules out iris scanning technology for the Galaxy S5, which another rumor also claimed. Samsung could opt for stronger plastic and a faux finish that mimics metal or some other material while allowing Samsung to still offer a removable battery and Micro SD card slot.
Consumers may not notice the difference, but Kuo’s prediction show a Galaxy S5 with a 32-bit processor, not a 64-bit processor like the iPhone 5s.

If I remember correctly that came out before the HTC 1 did, someone that uses style on the rest of your phones that came out after the note 10.1. I already appreciated the potential of such technology, but I figured it wouldn’t factor into my life until maybe I was an old man 3D-printing sheet after sheet of Werther’s Originals. It’s time for some 3D printed ten-pound turkey (just please, please please remember to 3D-print a hatchet first, so you can kill it before it gets away). Want to make your own Angry Birds, let’s go on checking the Angry Birds paper crafts. Each paper craft comes with the original detail and colors in the popular cross-platform game Angry Birds, and features the unique box shape, which lets you know it’s a paper bird instead of plush toy. In such a naughty world, how long before you bypass the plates and utensils, take a Tebow knee in front of the printer’s tray and let the thing print directly into your face? I cannot see Samsung dropping the ball so badly and allowing the iphone to remain ahead of them in regard to chip tech. The designer has released the templates of the Angry Birds paper crafts, so if you want to make these cute papercrafts, jump to his blog Little Plastic Man for the templates.
Main reason being that that they already had a bad year with the s4 and need to regain ground.
And no, it won’t taste like Ray’s in NYC, probably not even like Little Ceasar’s, but you’ll be able to print pizza from a consumer-level printer and eat it.

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