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Changing the filter options on the right will help us to show you only products that you are interested in! This very simple accessory makes an easy job of placing your N-Gauge rolling stock and locomotives on the track. Place modified point onto card and mark the entry and exits to points, then trim card at these points.
There are no forces other than torsional hence the side forces which bedevil other designs are eliminated. We are indebted to the Gold Coast Model Railway Club for photographs of the OO kit installed on their splendid layout and for some of the above description.
There are four versions of the motorizing kit: For both 00 gauge and N gauge and both in Deluxe and Standard versions.

Please click the images below to view two recent reviews which have been published in 'Railway Modeller'. Put your loco, wagon or carriage onto the re-railer and allow it to slide down effortlessly into place. The weight of the motor is all the weight necessary for the bridge to sit firmly in the well.
The price of the deluxe version is higher than other kits because we supply a very high quality all metal geared gearbox with it. Each kit has its problems of speed, fluent movement, noise, slack in components, torsion, twist and level.
The Deluxe version would be suitable for club or exhibition layouts where extensive use is expected whereas the standard version is quite suitable for home layouts.

Motorizing the turntable required understanding of where all the loads are bearing and how to centre loads reducing twist and torsion.
We supply a 12 Volt motor and an all metal gearbox operating at either 2 rpm or 3.5 rpm (depending on the kit) or slower and 'whisper' quiet.
It is easier if turntable kit motorizing kit is fitted before the turntable is fitted into the layout however it is still possible to mount the motor from the underside of the baseboard.

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