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Peco PL-11 Side Fitting Surface Mounted Point MotorOperating points by remote control is one of the best ways to make your railway more fun to operate.The PL series of motors is tried and tested, and literally millions have been sold*. Peco PLS-125 Single Servo MotorEach servo will operate an individual Peco turnout without any modification, or removal of the over-centre spring.
The Peco PL-10 point motor is not the ideal candidate for DCC operation due to its high current draw.
The Peco PL-10W low-current point motor is recommended for use with DCC accessory decoders. To test the Peco point motor under DCC I converted one end of a fiddle yard from normal to DCC operation.

The ESU SwitchPilot decoder has a special mode to cope with the large current draw of Peco point motors, which is just as well because when I initially connected it up, using the default settings and taking power from the DCC bus, it failed to throw any of the points that were connected. Reliability, simplicity and good value ensure they are still as popular as ever.The most reliable, discrete and simple method is to clip one of these directly to the underside of a Peco Turnout. User-friendly programming makes it very easy to set up, and its compact design makes it suitable for installation in small spaces, either above or below the baseboard.
If you are buying new motors you should buy these rather than the standard version and if you are having problems with an existing motor it is well worth replacing it with the low-current version as it does make a big difference when operated by a DCC decoder. It is easily recognised as it has green insulation around the coils (left), rather than the black of the standard motor (right).
Swapping this point motor for one of Peco’s PL-10W low-current point motors got all the points working.

The motor eliminates the need for cutting or drilling holes in the baseboard and comes with colour coded wires already attached.
Previously it was operated from a 16V AC transformer through a probe and stud control panel. Five are mounted directly underneath their point, the sixth is fitted above the baseboard using a Peco PL-12 adaptor base (with the over-centre spring removed).

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