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N scale - Code 55 or code 80 TracksChoice you like to make which track and Turnouts you like to used depends on your rolling stock. New scale models are more correct on scale and low metal wheels flanges so you have no problems with code 55 tracks. If you used old  rolling stock and Code 55 track is the chance big your wheels flanges bumping on the track sleepers molded spike heads.

See picture left side you see a Peco code 55 track have inside spikes head lower than the oudside spikes.
Thanks to design of peco code 55 track molded invisible part of rails in track sleeper keep this also stronger on his place.Atlas code 55 tracks max. You need to have correct low metal wheels flange!Test some tracks and Turnouts out before you buy all your tracks!American trains and Europe trains can have also different wheels flange because Europe trains factories don't used NMRA norm to make there models correct on scale.

But still you can have an option run N scale old models on Peco code 55 tracks or code 80 tracks.

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