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Every year we see marathons and specials on a variety of TV channels focused on the spookiest holiday of the year – Halloween!
Halloween - It helps when you have the name of the holiday for the title of the movie, but Halloween (and its sequels) deliver on awesome slasher goodness set to the tune of All Hallows’ Eve. I wasn’t going to post a worst, but then I remembered one movie that truly gives Halloween movies a bad name. Tip Jar!We do everything for free 'round here, so every little bit of scratch you can throw our way will help out HUGE! Legal CheeseWear The Cheese is not officially affiliated with any of the films, TV programs, video games, artists, etc.

Whether you're having a viewing part for the season premiere of your favorite TV show or you just think Bantha Milk looks damn tasty, Wear The Cheese is here for you.
While I love spooky, scary, gory flicks during this time of year (ok, all year), I want to dedicate this to the movies set specifically and focused on Halloween. I have had many discussions about whether it counts as a Halloween or Christmas movie – I count it as both!
I can’t think of another Halloween film that is so universally loved for its good-natured fun and incorporation of the holiday. Embrace the heartwarming nature of Charlie Brown, Linus, and the gang while carving pumpkins and munching on candy!

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