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Good artist models offer something of value to a student: ideas for composition, approach to a subject, creative use of media or outstanding technique. Each artist is accompanied by an image of their work and a link to an official website, if it is known. The Estate of Francis Bacon (linked to above) has a fantastic website, with a wealth of biographical information and an extensive collection of images, categorised chronologically. Contemporary American artist Bill Barminski challenges us with quietly ominous paintings that are derived from mass media imagery. New Zealand artist Don Binney is famous for his series of paintings and drawings of birds and landscape. An interview with Jim Dine is available on the Washing DC National Gallery of Art, Washington DC website. There are many books available about Jim Dine, although the ones I have used are unfortunately out of print.
New Zealand artist Jeffrey Harris explores human relationships and conflicting emotions within his artwork. This fantastic book about Jeffrey HarrisA¬†(affiliate) has been of great value to my students. Disturbing yet amazing paintings by Korean artist Han Hyo-Seok, showing portraits with the skin made to look like raw meat. Depicting aerial views of urban scenes, American artist David Kapp’s often paints busy crowds of people, swirling down streets or people walking quickly through a structured, man-made environment. Contemporary American artist Robert Mars produces richly collaged paintings based on Americana. This Lisa Milroy still life painting is one of her more well know works, in which still life items (shoes, light bulbs etc) are neatly ordered, often in rows or grid formation.
Huge graffiti inspired artworks, Jose Parla’s paintings explore the dialogue of decaying walls and the marks that people leave behind. New Zealand artist Don Peebles is well known for his rich sculptural paintings that are constructed from carefully arranged pieces of canvas. Found objects, such as pieces of trash, are glued into Robert Rauschenberg’s sculptural, mixed media artworks.
New Zealand artist James Robinson produces experimental, textured works, using virtually every medium imaginable. A gruesome, gory exposure of flesh and bulging, wounded form, the artwork of contemporary British painter Jenny Saville has been studied by many students.
Writhing, seething household objects are captured in this painting by New Zealand painter Sylvia Siddell. New Zealand artist John Walsh is an exceptionally skilful artist, achieving high levels of detail and realism in his work. This painting by contemporary Chinese artist Zhang Xiaogang recently sold for $2.97 million. If you liked this collection of artists, you may be interested viewing our collection of artist line drawings. This website uses advertising to help us develop high quality teaching resources and provide these to our audience for free.
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Copyright 2012 Fantasy ArtzNo photos, phrases, text, or ideas on this website may be reproduced, copied, downloaded, immitated or otherwise used for any purpose. There are thousands of inspirational historical and contemporary artists that students can learn from, and it is impossible for to list them all within one blog post, however this is a collection of some of my favourite artist models. It is not necessary that the artist be investigating the same subject (indeed, while this can sometimes make it easier, at times this can hinder originality and leave a student tending to copy rather than extending their own ideas). Links are also given to appropriate books (unless noted otherwise, these are books that I have used personally with my students and vouch for). An investigation into the human condition, Bacon’s paintings depict fleshy, meaty, distorted human and animal forms, often trapped inside cages. These rich and textured works provoke reaction and encourage us to think again about the everyday items that we consume.
Stylised, graphic paintings, Don Binney seamlessly integrates the bird with the landscape, carefully echoing shapes and balancing forms. In thick, broad brush strokes, Kapp represents light and movement in an Impressionistic style. Working upon a layered ground of mixed media, Jose Parla’s paintings are energetic, chaotic and wild. Swiss artist Till Rabus produces detailed surrealist and photo realist works, painting the wastes of society, including junk food remains, rubbish sacks and old tyres. Rauschenberg created compositions that merged cuttings, photographs, clothing, rubbish and other found objects together. An excellent art model for painting students, Jenny Saville is unafraid of addressing contentious issues head on. Zhang Xiaogang draws inspiration from old family photos and explores issues of identity, genealogy, and family. You may also enjoy our collection of 100 photography ideas and looking through the Student Art Guide Pinterest Boards for more inspirational artist works. Amiria has been a teacher of Art & Design and a Curriculum Co-ordinator for seven years, responsible for the course design and assessment of Art and Design work in two high-achieving Auckland schools. If you would like to support us or contribute in some way, you can find out the best way to help us or contact us here. Everyone who signs up gets full access to our entire library, including our curated collections. Our Standard license allows you to use images for anything, except large print runs over 500,000+ or for merchandising. Once you have downloaded your image, you have life-long rights to use it under the terms of the license purchased.
All contents of this website is the property of Fantasy Artz and it's owner, Rhonda Hardesty. In describing his works he states, "Electric, colorful and glitzy are my first impressions when I think of my paintings. His attention to detail and use of the airbrush has attracted the eye of many automotive art directors.
Mike states, "I originally chose watercolor because I perceived the difficulty of handling the medium as a challenge. Accomplished Windsor, Canada born and bred artist, Lacourciere's work has gained international recognition with posters and award winning limited edition prints showcasing his illustrative prowess in depicting cars, motorcycles, planes, and high-tech machinery.
He treats the spaces in an around the objects with as much importance as the objects themselves and juxtaposes precise form with chaotic, yet controlled application of tone. He creates compositions that are often fragmented with large blocks of colour and jagged lines.

He describes his paintings as a fight between the painter and the initial photograph of the dog. The people in his paintings are depicted with stylised features that differ only in small minute ways.
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When the Automotive Fine Art Society began receiving new members, Charles was one of the first invited to exhibit. His award winning art has appeared on covers, as pull-out posters and inside pages of over 25 automobile publications. I knew that watercolor didn't allow for many mistakes and for the most part you don't use opaque whites. In 1994, Lacourciere was chosen as the artist for The Hamilton Collection's famous commemorative plate series on America's Classic Corvettes.
His attention to detail and keen eye for the lifestyle are depicted in the precision of his digital art works. He uses a unique combination of painting techniques and perspectives to captures the force and grace of automobiles.
Splashes of colour disturb the tension and heighten the unease in these eerily captivating works.
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He has done cover paintings for AutoWeek and Sports Car Market, and his work has also appeared in Racer, Road & Track, Mustang Monthly, Automobile, and Car Collector magazines. In addition to working as a freelance illustrator and graphic designer, he has self published numerous limited edition art prints that feature American Musclecars from the sixties and seventies.
Currently Wayne Wright has opened a gallery of his own and has been invited to show his work in several galleries in his local Iowa area.
He lives with his wife Sandy, two sons, Nicholas and Tyler and three x-racing greyhounds (Ethyl, Diesel & Petro) in Minot, North Dakota. My work reflects my interests in mid century artifacts deco style, tiki lounge, atomic futurism to mention just a few. I paint realism and love the ability to enhance what I see with an emphasis on color and light. His works have been exhibited in numerous museums including the Blackhawk Automotive Museum and the BMW Museum, Munich, Germany.
After working for various ad agencies and in house art departments I had a burning inside to be painting again.
You will see colors that might not really be so vivid in real life, contrasts that will be more pronounced, and people and things added that might tell a better story.
Today his work encompasses not only aviation and space but also portraits, landscapes, ships, and classic car fine art paintings. You see under around and through the subjects, you love the absence as well as the presence of objects. During his 37 years as a professional artist, he has been asked to produce literally hundreds of paintings documenting historical events, people and places.

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