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The Union Pacific 0-8-0 steam locomotive thunders down the mainline with a long string of freight cars. 0-6-0 steam locomotive and tender with operating headlight, 2 freight cars and off-center caboose. Assembly and breakdown of trains in the railway yard is tough work, but this 0-6-0 steam switcher is ready to get the job done. November, 1990 the Pacific Flyer team was back again determined to fly faster and further than ever before.
Having established the concept, flight crew and funding of the project, a team had to be assembled.
Back Row: Paul Dickinson, Colston Worrall, Dewi Williams, Richard Branson, Per Lindstrand, Joe Hanson, Simon Forse, Dave Gill.

Back Row: John Ackroyd, Keith Goffin, Tony de Roy, Dave Marr, Malcolm Humphreys, Jules Wigdor. Although they were fortunate enough to be in on the flight, this team was only the tip of the iceberg. These delays are only vanquished by liberal application of "midnight oil" at the last minute. The courageous brakeman carefully steps along the top of a boxcar to set the brakes and look for overheated axles.
Assemble your consist, clear the yard and move your freight to its final destination with the Pacific Flyer. Apart from decompression and intense cold other natural hazards had to be avoided en route.

The well known GUMBO was built by Thunder and Colt to publicise Virgin Atlantic Airway and helped to introduce Richard Branson to ballooning.
Potential landing obstacles include built up areas, power cables, and mountain ranges such as the Sierra Nevadas. Beyond the Sierras are the sparsely populated high desert basins with large flats — these could be ideal.

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