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Anyone know of a decent slightly smaller than mainline size O scale water tank for their steam engines? Another option might be to re-purpose a tank meant for S or HO scales into a smaller branch line On30 tank.
Product DescriptionBachmann has designed this Plastic O Scale Water Tower for you to add to your Plasticville USA Model Layout. Plastic parts have been designed and manufactured in scale proportion to enhance the aesthetic and realistic qualities of the structure.
Die Cast and thousands of Model Kits ( including Wooden Ships & Aircraft), and Hobby Supplies ! The problem is nobody apparently makes a simple smaller water tank that isn't a craftsman kit or costs more than most locomotives.

Some of you make good points, heck, I'd probably spend less time making my own from scratch than I would modifying a kit. The base would be wooden posts and cross braces, or maybe an enclosed base with wooden board siding.Looks like grandt line has the spouts and maybe even some metal banding hardware? The framework for the round portion is made with a couple of wood disc separated by a dowel. I know that Plasticville is not always a spot on scale building or structure, but this is way off. Designed to be representative of a small locomotive water tower found in many parts or urban cities or outskirts worldwide. Additionally, you can surely provide a platform of your own to better serve larger locomotives if additional height is required.

After much research, we came up with a "better than wood" advantage and applied it to our kit as we do with many of our kits. Why be forced to cover up bad grain with paints when you can have a realistic and visually appealing photographic element that not only mankes it wasier to install, but more realistic. Now with all that, did you know from the photos on this page that the tank wrap was not made of real wood?
There are four sets per kit and each is cut from a single piece so you do not have to use a jig in the construction process. All orders placed for shipment with USA will be processed as soon as possible when in stock.

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