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Not just machines of cold, hard metal, our locomotives are living, breathing organisms, vividly alive, good for both playing and collectionOther InformationWe know that you demand nothing less than the best in your layouts.
Whatever your project, let us demonstrate our creative approach and flexibility, and provide you with the success you require, and we welcome OEM orders of any G, O, HO scale brass models. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. SCALE MINIATURES (for Model Railroading, Scale Modeling, Smaller Scale Miniaturists, Set Designers and Scale Diorama Scenes). Discovery Plastics has a black Volkswagen parked out front and a Continental Mark II on the side - with a mechanic working under it. Behind it is a '56 blue and white Ford Fairlane, a mostly-hidden forklift carrying a 4'x8' sheet of masked Plexiglas and a Divco van from Dugan's Bakeries. In 2006, I purchased a set of five MTH Congressional-style cars in ribbed silver with Tuscan stripe and 'Pennsylvania' in gold letters.

Texas Transportation Museum board chairman Pat Halpin is a huge fan of "O" gauge railroading and is a senior member of the national "TCA" (Train Collectors of America) group. Diesel passenger train on the "O" gauge model train railroad layout at the Texas Transportation Museum in San Antonio. Diesel locomotive on the "O" gauge model train railroad layout at the Texas Transportation Museum in San Antonio. Steam train on the "O" gauge model train railroad layout at the Texas Transportation Museum in San Antonio.
In 2012, TTM commissioned this delightful "O" scale model of the Longhorn & Western depot, formerly the Southern Pacific depot located in Converse, Texas, on the outskirts of San Antonio.
When you come out and visit the museum, you and every member of your family, young and old, will enjoy the sights and sounds of these trains. That's why, for more than 12 years, we has delivered a wide range of top-quality trains that share the excellent detail, extensive features and extreme value that appeal to all modelers.

Ads like these, plastered on available wall space, were a common sight in the 1940s and 1950s.
A white and green PTC GM 'fishbowl' bus can be seen at the right, near the PTC information booth. On the next level, the Pennsy Aerotrain emerges from the tunnel - making a station stop, while the ascending PRR freight consist, pulled by EMD diesel, enters the tunnel - squeezing past a PRR maintenance van.

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