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I am taking you up on your request for layout pics although this is a toy train layout and may not meet the level of skill seen in many of the model railroad layouts on your site. I have developed a spotting plan using numbered poker chips that lets me switch cars from industry to industry, set up a train using cars at the different industries, or spot cars onto the various industries from a waiting train. I also have additional locomotives, an Arizona and California freight train, two passenger sets, handcars, and novelty cars that I will just run on the layout for fun.
The table is one of 6 that formed a U shaped layout that previously occupied this 16 by 13 ft. This is the oldest of the three permanent (or fixed) layouts erected on the first (display) floor of the Mortdale premises. Parts of the layout are very old (circa 1960), having originally been constructed in the early days of AMRA NSW.
After appropriate orientation and training, members can easily run and control their own trains. A branchline town called Davies* at a lower level - accessed by a long tunnel, and a viaduct modelled on Stonequarry viaduct at Picton, NSW. Layouts specifically built for exhibition purposes, by their very nature, have to be portable and this usually means they are constructed in modular form.
Its objective - as its name suggests - is to demonstrate to the public the various types of locomotives and rolling stock that have been available over the last half century.

Trains on display - locomotives, coaches and wagons - vary from scratch-built vehicles from the mid-20th century to the latest factory made wonders of style, sound and detail.
Built over the period 2010 - 2012, it was first successfully exhibited at the 2012 Model Railway Exhibition at Liverpool, NSW. AMRA NSW is dedicated to promoting the hobby of model railways throughout New South Wales.
Over at Amazon, the O-Gauge Polar Express Set is over $110 off the list price - quite a deal! Ever since we came across this image in the OGaugeRR Forums , we've been totally fascinated by this layout. It is O gauge using Lionel Fast Track laid over indoor outdoor carpet that is covered with sifted sand from my front yard. The previous layout was noticeably lacking in this regard since it was built with Lionel postwar tubular track and switches. The original part, still largely operational and well landscaped, essentially comprises three ovals(Up Main line, Down Main line and Relief line) plus a Branch line and many sidings and loops. Universal, in this context, means that the track can operate all forms of model locomotives; alternating current (AC), direct current (DC) and digital comand system (DCS) with either two-rail or three-rail power pickup arrangement and with course or finescale wheelsets. This particular layout comes in 14 separate parts (trestle tables), measuring 11m by 5m when erected.

For this reason it is only very minimally landscaped; rather it concentrates on having the maximum track in the available space. There are basically four ovals on which to run trains; together they allow 6 trains to be run at once.
Two baby Trainmasters and two small steam locomotives are used for the switching operations. Control is a form of cab control but with fixed panels controlling dedicated sections of line. All modules fit into two specially constructed steel racks, making transportation very convenient. Although the track is oval-shaped, continuous running is not possible because there are no dedicated paths through Central Station platforms and at least two panels are required for a train to complete a circuitof any of the lines.

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