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AS THE REVIEW of the locomotive noted, the first car set for Hiawatha service was built in 1935. Passenger cars are longer than most freight cars; therefore, operators may have to be more selective in what cars they acquire. This is the second run of the Atlas O Trainman line 60-foot passenger cars, and it offers quite a bit of head-end equipment: Railway Post Office car, baggage car, combine car, and coach.
The rolling stock offered by Atlas O has the fixings to emulate a short-hop train from, say, Chicago to Springfield, Cincinnati to Columbus, or Boston to Albany. The Trainman O gauge coaches are scale-size replicas based on Chicago & North Western prototypes.
The coach has doors on four corners, and there are nicely designed steps leading up to them. I wasn’t expecting much interior decoration on the RPO car, but, to my surprise, there were mail-sorting stations clearly visible through the windows. The car has end-of-car brakeman’s steps, add-on grab irons and vent stack, and basic underbody detailing, such as battery boxes. There might be some interior detailing, but I couldn’t see any through the small door windows. The car has great rivet and seam detailing, and the classic Chesapeake & Ohio gray, blue, and yellow paint scheme was well executed.
The combine has about half its space allocated for baggage or express goods, and half for passengers. As with the baggage car, the combine would be great on a work or wreck train, or it could be the key piece for running a short mixed freight and passenger train! I counted 31 conventional seats and what appears to be lounge seating across from each of the lavatories. There are no passenger or crew figures inside, but seated O scale passengers aren’t hard to find these days.
The Trainman line passenger cars give the O gauge operator scale-sized cars with good levels of detail, selective add-on detailing, and interiors you can see (and populate with passengers) without breaking the bank.

The fact that the cars are sold individually means you can build your own passenger train to match a historic consist or to suit the flavor of your railroad.
If you have a notion about replacing your old “window insert silhouette” cars, you may want to check these out before making the plunge! All listings sold via Auction are subject to a 15% Buyer's Premium which will be collected at checkout. A second series of cars was built in 1937, and demand for the Hiawatha service was so dramatic that in 1938 a third group was built and entered service in 1939. So the cookie-cutter four- or five-car boxed set may mean buying a car or two that will never be used. While so far there are no diners, sleepers, or observation cars, this is more than enough to cover your O gauge railroad’s summer vacation traffic.
The RPO and baggage cars are six-axle rigs, while the coach and combine cars are four axle-models. The passenger compartment has seating (I counted 18 seats through the windows), and there is a bulkhead separating the passengers from the cargo. The car has end-of-car brakeman’s steps, add-on grab irons and a two-vent stack, and basic underbody detailing, such as storage tanks and brake-line piping. Included are: 6-19119 Great Northern Vista Dome Car and 6-52106 TCA 1997 City of Phoenix Aluminum Diner. Our system will automatically choose the best carrier at the time of shipment to help us deliver the lowest prices and fastest service possible.
There were several significant changes between the first and third groups (the Lionel car set models the third group).
Even in later years when a great bulk of mail was carried in flexi-van containers, priority mail was still sorted by pistol-packing mail clerks. Presumably, like the heavyweight trucks on the RPO car, the axles would better distribute the weight of the cargo (general luggage, steamer trunks, coffins, and assorted express goods like newspaper bundles and full milk cans). There are two lavatories in the car, one with a window and the other facing an exterior bulkhead.

The plain old, basic Atlas O coach is a solid representation of the car all passengers need to get on to go somewhere. One obvious difference is that the original cars had smooth sides while the follow-on cars were ribbed.
One is longer than the other, so if you desire a minimal gap between cars you use one pair – a wider gap (more useful for tight-radius operations) you use the other. The glossy paint scheme is first rate, and the first impression is that you're holding a top-of-the-line model. Paint application is flawless.On the downside, I was disappointed with the windows on all four cars.
The Lionel cars, like the locomotive's tender, ride a bit high when compared to photos of the prototypes. Also on the prototype, electrical and air-conditioning gear was housed in long, enclosed sections set back from the sides of the cars. As a result, on the O gauge cars there is more air between the trucks and the boxes and between the trucks and the undersides of the cars, creating a high-riding look. The cars have exceptionally nice "sprung" diaphragms on each end, but on the track the diaphragms between cars never come close to touching. Exclusive to subscribers, check out a video of the Hiawatha locomotive and passenger cars running on our roller base and test track.On the test trackEach truck has a single power pickup. The distance between the rollers enables the cars to roll around free of flickering over switches and crossings.The cars measure out at 72 feet in O scale (18 inches long). The Hiawatha car set is a top-notch outfit and, really, a must-have to go with the locomotive. Besides the four cars we examined, Lionel offers a two-car add-on set and a diner with StationSounds.

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