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MikeI am about to do this myself for a Heljan 47 I bought recently, based on what I did with my Hymek.
TheSnapper wrote: Also I've sorted out being able to switch the red lights independently, with the help of John Walker. I bought a Class 47 Loksound chip from SWB and a light and smoke unit from Peter Clark Kits. South West Digital will supply instructions with their sound chip for this locomotive which shows you how to break into the Heljan circuit board. Thanks for the info and links, I think it will be a SWD chip as they are a bit cheeper than the howes one and I think the sound is better, judging by the clips on U tube.

I had a look inside but could not work out how the existing wiring works, other than the direction changing for the lights.Will I need one chip or two, one sound the other just a piggy back driver for the second motor bogie? I fitted the chip sometime ago, because of space limitations the chip is fitted in the fuel tank as the smoke unit will eventually take it's place in the main body. Am about to embark on this project myself and having seen the instructions it appears fairly straight forward as long as you take your time with it and follow them carefully. I have had a quick look inside the loco and have noticed that the SWD chip which is fairly large being for an 0 gauge loco and feel that some filing down of the main chasis weight will have to be done so that the chip will sit beneath the Heljan circuit board. I have since soldered a 330 ohm resistor in series with each diode by unsoldering one leg of the diode from the circuit board, this then works.

The speaker should fit into the fuel tank facimg down towards the track which I'm lead to beleave is the best way to get maxuim sound volume.

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