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This measures whether trains arrive in stations along their routes at more or less assigned intervals.The argument for using it is that it focuses on what subway riders really care about: Can they expect to see a train before the next fiscal quarter? In March, 78.2 percent of all trains had met their targets over the previous 12 months, a figure barely changed from 2010.
And you’re paying more for the privilege of waiting longer and, once on the train, of being hit upon by the many panhandlers whom the mayor somehow manages not to see.On the matter of the fare, too, the numbers are tricky.

A transit committee report said that setting aside student discounts, the average transit fare in March was $1.64, 15 cents more than a year earlier.
Today’s fare is equivalent to $1.11 in 1996 dollars — “a stunning statistic,” said the committee’s chairwoman, Doreen M.

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