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The MTA's got a new interactive map, though it's so basic you can't believe they didn't have it already. With a grand project underway to wire all NYC subway stations, the NY MTA is hunting for new smartphone apps aimed at riders.
Many of the apps are work-arounds for finding information when you don't have internet access underground like cached maps. BlipRail is meant to help people catch their trains better by showing where every train is scheduled to be.
FaresLeft will tell you how much money is left on a MetroCard using the card's serial number -- as soon as the MTA makes that database public, something that's not clear is likely to happen.

Judges will pick the winners, but the public can choose a Popular Choice award winner which will get $1,000. Below you will find some information about the MTA Subway, how to get a metrocard, buses, & taxis. Some trains are local trains which stop at every station along the route, others are express trains that only stop at the most popular destinations.  Check to make sure that the train your on stops at the place you want to go! There are weekend service changes ALL THE TIME.  Since you will be here on the weekend, check the MTA website for any delays so that you aren’t late and frustrated later. Getting up and down town is easier than getting across town.  Sometimes the cross town buses can be faster, particularly up past 60th st.

Tuesday, the agency released the long list of competitors in the 2013 MTA App Quest. The public can flip through the list, see sample screen shots, video demos and imagine a world where a phone can guide a blind person through stations*, read signage for you or generate a subway map that automatically changes with construction and weekend re-routing and know what restaurants and stores are right above your stop.

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