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Hotels near Yankee Stadium are listed with some features and addresses of the locations along with the distance from Yankee Stadium. Yankees Tickets reserves the right to provide upgrades on all ticket orders at no extra charge to the customer. Yankees Tickets will not be responsible for any weather delays, event postponements, event cancellations, change of venue, date, time, lost or stolen tickets. Yankees Tickets is an independent, privately-owned company engaged in the service of finding and providing tickets for admission to any and all baseball events worldwide. Items in the Worthopedia are obtained exclusively from licensors and partners solely for our membersa€™ research needs. If this item contains incorrect or inappropriate information please contact us here to flag it for review. This is an original NYC subway map, I am a graffiti artist, side walk street painter for NYC, and tourist love my maps. After opening in 2009 and being christened with a world championship in its inaugural season, Yankee Stadium has quickly become what the old Yankee Stadium was: The Cathedral of Baseball. Located at 161st and River Avenue in the Bronx, the stadium sits across the street from where the original once stood. If you’re planning a trip to The House That Steinbrenner Built, here is a guide to help make the most of your visit.
Try to avoid the Major Deegan Expressway if possible, but if you find yourself northbound on it, instead of exiting at Exit 4 (East 149th Street, Stadium), drive a little bit further and get off at Exit 5 (West 155th Street, Stadium). Tip: To avoid congestion to the game, park across the Harlem River in Manhattan and you’ll save 10 bucks, even if it is a bit of a walk. Tip: If you have time to spare and want to have a seat on a less crowded train use the B local train at 59th St.
The Bx6 bus operates on 155th Street in Manhattan before crossing the McCombs Dam Bridge and arriving at Yankee Stadium. The Bx13 bus operates in Manhattan from the George Washington Bridge Bus Station to Yankee Stadium. Seastreak provides a different take on getting to the game. Cruises to selected Yankees games.
Gate 6 is the central meeting point at new Yankee Stadium, similar to what the Babe Ruth bat was at old Yankee stadium.
Buying early gives you the best opportunity to get tickets directly from the Yankees and avoid wading into the murky waters of the secondary market.
If you put in some work, you can avoid fees and usually find deals a few days before the game on Craigslist. Tip: If you only go to a few games a year, the seats in sections 226-227B (right by third base) and 213-214B (right by first base) offer an incredible view and for this ballpark, they really are a great value. Tip: Many of the rows in the Grandstand are covered from the elements (roughly row 7 and higher), but the entire upper level of the stadium is open air, so when the weather is bad, it offers little protection against the cold or rain. The Yankee Stadium seating and pricing chart is a good place to start to find the best seats for the game.
Although it is now partially covered by the Mohegan Sun sports bar, Monument Park is still the place to pay tribute to the Yankee greats of the past.
Section 203, the most famous section of seats in professional baseball, is home to the aforementioned Yankee Stadium Bleacher Creatures.
The members of the Bleacher Creatures are formerly of Sections 37 and 39 in the original Stadium, where the purchase of alcohol was prohibited prior to the move across the street. Fans can confidentially text questions and concerns from their seats to Yankee Stadium staff at 69900.
The Yankees spared no expense for the Legends Club, a special lounge for premium seat-holders. For the rest of us keep in mind that the bathrooms in the 300 level are smaller and more crowded than the field level. Located behind the left field foul pole on the field level concourse, the Lobel’s steak sandwich is the cream of the crop when it comes to food at Yankee Stadium. When your turn in line comes, be sure to ask for the rarest beef you can get (more flavor), and if you’re curious, inquire about the type of beef being served that day.
Tip: The workers will be more than willing to soak your meat in au jus to top off your sandwich, but we recommend you pass.
Tip: When garlic, oil, parsley and salt are not enough, add cheese to your garlic fries at Yankee Stadium a small charge. For many people, the bevy of food options at the new Yankee Stadium are an unnecessary addition to the baseball experience.

Without further ado, here is some of the most terrifyingly disgusting grub that we have wasted our money on. Egg on our faces for ever thinking that Mac N’ Cheese at a baseball game was a good idea. Special thanks to “Yankee Stadium Insider” Ross Sheingold who helped contribute to this guide. An excellent collection of links to online games that you can play simply by going to the website.No logins. Baseball Ticket deliveries are guaranteed no later than noon on the day of the event unless stated otherwise, however every effort will be made to deliver tickets as early as possible.
We are not affiliated with, nor do we have any licenses or strategic alliances with, nor are we authorized by any box office, promoter, venue, stadium, hotel, sporting team or sporting association. The rest is all spray paint and some mixed medium that gives it that wild style of street painting look.
Using the 6 Train as your primary train is like eating from a salad bar and filling your bowl with only croutons.
If I was on the West Side and I needed to get to Yankee Stadium, I had to actually consult the map and think twice.
The labyrinth went from over-my-head to back-of-my-hand, though I can’t pinpoint the moment when the information fully settled. With the look and feel of the original, the latest version of Yankee Stadium has taken the franchise’s rich tradition and history into the world of modern amenities to create the ultimate fan experience for spectators of the 27-time World Champions.
Southbound motorists take it to its terminus and get on the Major Deegan to access the Third Ave. 153rd Street Station, located on the Hudson Line, takes you out to the ball game without having to deal with the hassles of parking, tolls, and traffic.
You’ll feel like a tourist buying one, but will save a few bucks over the one-way off peak ticket. The Great Hall extends from Gate 4 to Gate 6 between the exterior wall and the interior of Yankee Stadium. This is the entrance closest to the bleachers and the Mohegan Sun Sports Bar, and it is the fastest way through the gates if you are running late. However, briefcases, coolers and hard-sided bags, or any bags larger than 16 inches by 16 inches by 8 inches are not.
Getting tickets early means you’ll have the largest variety of seating options later and will probably pay less than if you wait. If you have no choice but to go this route, use every source you can to make sure you aren’t getting ripped off. From the $27 face value of an obstructed view bleacher seats to the uber-pricey Legends Suites, ticket options run the gamut of price and experience.
Obstructed view seating has been beat to death in most major media outlets so we won’t get into it here, just remember there are roughly 1,048 seats in the bleachers that have obstructed views of the opposite outfield.
Even the next group of main-level seats a little further into the outfield — 228-230 and 210-212 aren’t half-bad. If you purchase Grandstand level tickets, note that once you head out toward the outfield in the mid 400’s range, you are much further recessed from the action than you were in the old Yankee Stadium.
The Park has been moved from left field to center to honor the placing of the original three monuments at the original Stadium, though they are no longer in the field of play. The Museum holds, among other things, Thurman Munson’s locker, which had remained empty in the team’s clubhouse since his death in 1979, statues of Yogi Berra and Don Larsen that pay tribute to the perfect battery in the perfect World Series game, and a Ball Wall, which features autographed balls from hundreds of Yankee players.
The Creatures are a unique group of fans and friends that have called the same seating area home for years. The men’s bathroom on the field level concourse, right near the Gate 4 entrance to the stadium features dividers between urinals, and had warm water in the sinks. Even the price tag shouldn’t dissuade your appetite for this highly buzzed about sandwich.
Regardless of the type, you only need to take one look at the butcher’s knife slicing through the bloody beef like butter to know that its being cooked to perfection.
A beer is great to wash it down, but make it a light beer so you don’t overwhelm the flavor of the beef (or your stomach). Envision your favorite food, favorite texture, favorite taste, favorite smell, favorite feeling, all in one bite.
Is it possible for the best food you’ve ever eaten to come from a concession stand in a baseball stadium?
The beef is juicy enough and the au jus often has a strange flavor that doesn’t match the natural taste of the beef. Especially when compared to the variety of suds poured at that other ballpark over in Queens.

All and any copyrights, trademarks, trade names used within this web site are for descriptive purposes only. It may work for you, but only if you have specific, limited requirements and a tiny imagination. But it’s there now and it feels good to master something that seemed so complex at first. If you arrive in the area 45 minutes before game time, you’ll probably miss the first inning.
Apple’s popular tablet has been added to Yankee Stadium’s existing security policy, which bans laptops at the park. Pick a banner of your favorite Yankee and watch a 24-foot-high-by-36-foot-wide HD video board while you wait. Now that Ball Park Lanes is closed, the solution is to head over to Stan’s or a few other bars on River Avenue.
There are smaller crowds and it’s a short walk to your parked car in the upper 160s or to the subway entrance at 161st St. And avoid paying above face value for unless it’s a premium game, or you absolutely have to. Like all modern arenas, Yankee Stadium was designed with sight lines in mind, so there isn’t a bad seat in the house. If you are looking to take the family out for the night to the Stadium, it might be cheap to sit in the right field bleachers, but it isn’t recommended! If you are offended by some foul language and occasional brawls, this might not be the section for you. Unlike Monument Park, the museum stays open during the game, closing at the start of the eighth inning.
If you’re looking for the most exciting place to watch Yankees baseball, Section 203 is for you.
Unfortunately, we saw the $15 price point and assumed it was another outlet for the $15 Lobel’s steak sandwich that we know and love. We are not acting on the authority of or by the permission of any of the above mentioned entities.
As a market leading news resource since 1967, WCBS reaches millions of listeners each week and boasts one of the […]1010 WINS1010 WINS invented all news radio and is the longest-running all news station in the country.
Or head over to some local favorites like the Feeding Tree, known for their jerk chicken and curried goat. On game days, it opens with the gates and remains accessible until 45 minutes prior to the game start time. Just don’t plan on cheering for the opposition or wearing any non-Yankees apparel if you choose to sit there. The cost is $20 per adult and $15 for children and seniors and you can order tickets online. If you regularly go to the stadium, you probably know more than these guys and can avoid them altogether. A surprisingly efficient steak sandwich assembly line is in full-gear, and you’re just along for the ride.
The crisp, hot fries fresh out of the fryer are doled out onto cardboard containers adorned by the famous interlocking NY logo. Head up to an inauspicious doorway across from section 310 in the upper deck of Yankee Stadium, where you’ll find the Malibu Rum Terrace Deck. We are able to provide access to tickets for events through our contacts and various sources.
For 50 years, 1010 WINS has been a news and information utility for the New York metropolitan area. If you have a question you’re much better off asking a couple of fans (the sober ones anyway) and come to your own conclusion. Famous […]WFANAs the world’s first 24-hour all-sports radio station, WFAN remains the premier sports talk radio station in the business.
This is $15 we’ll never get back, and we can only hope that this reaches someone else and saves then their hard-earned money.

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