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While Bernanke may see deflation here and there, and everywhere, don't tell that to your average NYC commuter (or anyone else for that matter who can't simply expense all non-core activities, such as living and getting around to the taxpayer debit card), who has seen relentless fare hikes by both the MTA and, recently, taxi cabs. What was unsaid is that the $20 billion shortfall is merely to fund maintenance capex and spending, and does not cover anything beyond.
The MTA's current capital plan, which runs from 2010 to 2014, totals $22 billion, an MTA spokesman said.
What is actually the funniest in the above, is that someone actually believes the system will exist, in its current form, sometime in 2024. Select your preferred way to display the comments and click "Save settings" to activate your changes. You mean to tell me that if we give golden parachutes to every MTA employee after 20 yrs of "public service" we will run out of money for actual transportation???
BTW, it was noted in an explanation from the FCC that the phones themselves are not free, per se, only the lifeline phone service, but that some of the phone companies were throwing in the phones gratis to boost public interest.
The FEDERAL TRANSPORTATION ADMINISTRATION recently embarked on one of their largest boondoggles ever.
When Transit agencies around the country demonstrate how desperate they are, the FTA will shower millions, tens of millions, etc.
NY is playing off this and hoping to get a truck load of cash from the FTA to maintain a "STATE OF GOOD REPAIR". Yeah but hookers and blow don't grow on trees bud, if you have any banker friends they won't want to hang out with you anymore.
Back in the '90s it was announced that MTA spent several hundred thousand dollars for its logo, which is essentially a black circle with the three letters M-T-A either coming out of it or going into it, depending on your point of view I guess.
After many proffessional evaluations and discussions with my doctor, I discovered that I'm really a billionaire in a middle class body. Concerning your recent request for approval of compensatory medical benefits with respect to your psychological shortfall believed to be associated with a noticeable lack of after tax disposable income, we recommend you secure a seat in the U S Senate. I'm a one-percenter lesbian trapped in a five-percenter man's body, someone help me please!
I hope this doesn't carry on until 2024 I don't want to be sitting here twelve years from now reading the Hedge thinking "this thing is going to blow any minute now".
Wow, that sets a dangerous precedent LSL.  Which cities are the crotch and anus of the country? There is no inflation, only percentage changes in the amount of database currency needed to do your shit and eat.
There is no reason a population with stagnant or dropping incomes cannot adjust to percentage changes by lowering their standard of living and working more hours.
Nothing is more patriotic than sacrificing for the motherland, the fatherland, and the children! All you saps who live in BFE and don't have to pay to park or have access to public transportation, thank you for your support!
Paris-based architect Jug Cerovic was unimpressed with the subway maps he came across while traveling the world. Here in the Western world, TV commercials are fairly conservative, clever, but conservative.
A few years back, when mysterious street artist Banksy was in New York City for his Better Out Than In campaign, we shared a story that offered the prime suspect of Banksy’s true identity. When Dutch photographer Ed Sijmons and his wife visited New York City in 1980, they expected the worse. Photographer Sean Gravem has been obsessed with shoting the ocean ever sine his first scuba lesson. Late last night, Foo Fighters, who have been on hiatus, tweeted out an ominous message: Official band announcement tomorrow night. Not since a young Frank Zappa played a bicycle on The Steve Allen Show have I been so amazed by the musicality of an individual. July 22, just six weeks after New York City’s annual Governors Ball music festival, the Panorama music festival makes its debut.
The internet loves an underdog, so when Brie Larson, the young star of The Room, won the Best Actress Oscar at last night’s Academy Awards, everyone celebrated her success.
About UsThe Roosevelts are group of gents producing content that inspires, educates and entertains. The New York City subway map Transitwise which was first published in 1987 has been updated again to include all The MTA subway changes made for early 2015. For 23 years, Transitwise has helped the traveling public move about New York city by subway and throughout surrounding metropolitan area using the Long Island Railroad, New Jersey Transit, Path trains, Metro North and Amtrak. Transitwise like all STREETWISE® maps is a laminated accordion fold map with the entire New York subway system designed to fit on the front side. On the backside of Transitwise a complete regional color coded transit system was designed to include all of New Jersey Transit, the Long Island Railroad, New Jersey Path, Metro North and Amtrak. You can travel form Park Slope to Montauk, From Flushing to Newark, and from mid Manhattan to Stamford all without changing maps. On December 13, 1986: Civil Rights activist Ella Baker, who worked behind-the-scenes for the NAACP, SCLC, and SNCC and whose career spanned five decades, died on her 83rd birthday in New York City. Si se quedan una semana o mas en Nueva York, les podria ser util subir al metro o en un autobus para poder desplazarse en la ciudad. Para sus desplazamientos en Manhattan o para ir a Queens, Bronx, Brooklyn o Staten Island, el metro y el autobus seran buenos aliados de sus visitas. La mayoria lineas de metro van de Norte-Sur y la mayoria de las lineas de autobus de Manhattan van de Este-Oeste.
Los mismos colores tienen el mismo recorrido en una gran parte de Manhattan, pero se dividen en secciones en los boroughs de NYC (Queens, Bronx, Brooklyn, Staten Island y Harlem). Lo malo es equivocarse al subir en un Express para bajar en 2-3 estaciones, porque llegaran demasiado lejos y tendran que regresar. El precio para un trayecto unico en metro y bus local es de 2.75USD y de 6 USD para un Express Bus. Los usuarios del metro y de los autobuses neoyorquinos pueden recargar su tarjeta el numero de veces que quieran, y evita que las tarjetas usadas acaben en la basura… ?o esten tiradas en la calle! Si deciden comprar una tarjeta Pay-Per-Ride MetroCard, esta les permite comprar el numero de viajes que quieran. Al adquirirla, pongan la cantidad de dolares que quieran (a partir de 5 USD) y podran utilizar tanto el metro como el autobus. Su numero de viajes esta limitado al monto de dinero que compraron (o recargaron) en su tarjeta. En fin, si se quedan una semana en Nueva York, no duden en comprar la MetroCard inlimitada.

En las maquinas distribuidoras o MetroCard Vending Machines, les recomiendo las que acepan dinero en efectivo.
OJO, al pagar con su tarjeta bancaria, la maquina les pide un ZIP Code (un codigo postal local). Buenas noches, vivo en Argentina, voy a viajar a nueva york y desde alli viajar en omnibus a otras ciudades (boston, washington, philadelpia), se pueden comprar los pasajes por internet siendo extranjero?
El website de GREYHOUND me solicita direccion en EEUU y que el resumen de la tarjeta con la que abono los tickets llegue a esa direccion.
Acabo de revisar el sitio de Greyhound y en ningun momento me solicita una direccion en EEUU. Hola Caro amo este blog me esta ayudando demasiado, tengo una pregunta, quiero viajar a conocer Washington y quedarme un dia por alla, greyhound para la fecha que necesito me cobra 79 dolares por 2 personas y un auto rentado me cuesta 76 dolares, que me recomendarias mas? Con un auto rentado, tienes tu que manejar y luego dejar el coche en un estacionamiento publico. Compara los precios, los tiempos de recorrido y ve cual seria mas adaptado a tu planning y presupuesto. Recien llego a este blog y me encanta Soy de Buenos Aires y viajare junto a mi novio por primera vez en marzo. Si necesitas mas informacion o que te ayude con tu plan de visitas, ya sabes donde encontrarme. Home to one of the largest subway system in the world, New York City has its own set of rules even when it comes to public transportation.
The subway is, almost always, the fastest and most efficient way of getting around New York City. The NYC subway (and you should call it the subway, not the metro, by the way) can be confusing, and even a bit overwhelming, to the first time visitor.
One look at the NYC Subway Map and all of its lines, dots, and colors can make you question whether it is even worth the effort.
Subway lines are color coded and the trains that run on the lines are numbered.If you want to sound like local, when referencing them use their number rather than color. The entrance, with stairs leading underground, will display the name of the stop, the lines that can be accessed, sometimes the direction (downtown, uptown, Queens, etc.), and usually an advertisement for the latest bad movie coming out (you can ignore that part).
Purchasing a Metro Card – ever trying to make a profit, the MTA recently decided to start charging $1 for the previously free Metro Cards. 7-Day Unlimited – if you are spending a week or more in NYC or you plan to use the subway as your main mode of transport for a few days an unlimited card can be purchased for $30 and will be good for 7 days after the first swipe. 30-Day Unlimited – If you’re lucky enough to be visiting longer than a few weeks a 30 unlimited card is probably your best option.
You can purchase a Metro Card from nearly any station at one of the vending machines or from a station agent located in one of the booths.
Cash: If paying by cash insert into the green area to the right of the screen adding coins first then bills. Credit or Debit Card: If paying with card you will be instructed to insert your card into the blue section below the screen and enter either your pin number or zip code. If you refill, you will need to insert your card into the yellow slot labeled “Metro Card” on the upper right hand side of the vending machine when instructed to do so on the display. Your balance will then be displayed in the upper right hand corner of the screen and refill options will be displayed below that. There is at least one map displayed in all train cars in case you need to check where you’re going. The conductor will usually announce what the next stop is but often the speakers don’t work properly so make sure you pay attention to what stop you’re at and know what stop immediately precedes yours so you can prepare to exit the car.
Subway station location signs on the platform – There are signs on most of the columns in stations and on the walls stating which station you are at. Just a Pack Mailing ListSign up to have free tips and our most recent articles delivered to your inbox. Subscribe to our Mailing List!Sign up to our mailing list to get free tips and articles sent straight to your inbox!
Its debt outstanding is expected to rise to $40 billion in 2016 from $31.8 billion at the end of 2012, the report said.
If the authority relies on the same share of borrowing for its next capital plan, debt service could hit $4.4 billion by 2024, the report estimated. If the cost to replace the Tappan-Zee span is $5-6 billion*, then you can be sure $20 billion for mass transit infrastructure improvements won't even scratch the surface. Our Eastern counterparts, the Japanese know no boundaries when it comes to television commercials—often going all out with crazy and innovative skits to promote products and services. Subway lines are color coded for easy identification and station names are clearly labeled.
So, if you are serious about navigating around the New York Metropolitan area using mass transit there is nothing else to choose from other than Transitwise. Si se quedan un poco mas tiempo en Nueva York, podran comprar mas creditos en cualquiera maquina distribuidora de MetroCard.
Un viaje se entiende como la utilizacion combinada o no del metro y del autobus durante 2 horas. Se encuentran en diferentes zonas de la ciudad por un tiempo definido, dependiendo de los dias. Para los que viven en el extranjero tienen que indicar el siguiente codigo: 99999 (5 veces el numero 9). Las puertas no se abren desde el exterior asi que alguien tiene que pasar por el torniquete con su MetroCard y luego abrirles la puerta.
Es lo mas rapido que el autobus porque este tiene una parada en cada cuadra y tiene que respetar los semaforos. Por lo regular, pueden ahorrar unos 5-10 minutos gracias al taxi, pero en horas pico el metro es mucho mas rapido.
Hay por todos lados, pueden subirse donde quieran y a donde quieran para que no caminen mucho. Tal vez sea al momento de pagar (no puedo hacer simulaciones hasta ahi), pero en este caso, deberia aparecer la opcion que pagas con una tarjeta extranjera.
Me explico, con Greyhound no tienes que preocupar por manejar, hasta puedes dormir en el aubobus hasta llegar. El tren es mas rapido pero fuera de eso ambos tienen la ventaja de proponer recorridos en la manana y en la noche, llegas en zona centrica y no te tienes que preocupar por encontrar tu camino como si estuvieras en un coche. Eight hundred and forty-two miles of tracks, carrying millions of people on thousands of subway cars from Bedford Ave to Union Square, from 149th Grand Concourse to Jamaica Ave, twenty-four hours a day every day of every year since the dawn of time.
The following tips and info are meant to get you moving around NYC like a local in no time, because let’s face it, no one wants to look like a tourist when they’re visiting the Big Apple.

Unless you have a private driver and lots of time to waste standing in snarled urban traffic, it is. For example, the green line which runs on the east side of Manhattan and into the Bronx and Brooklyn has the 4, 5, and 6 trains running on it.
The signs directing you to the trains will tell you what direction it is running in by giving you the last stop on the line and usually what direction it is running in (Uptown, Downtown, Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn, or Manhattan bound).
It’s a rare treat when you only need to take one train to get to your final location so transfers are often necessary. However, sometimes the globes are red, which typically means the station is closed, or is an exit only. However, if you load more than $5.00 at a time to your card you will receive a 5% bonus that will automatically be added to your card. Vending machines accept major credit cards, debit cards, or cash while station agents only accept cash.
It gives you the closest subway line options and an estimate on how long it will take to get from point A to point B. Check your NextStop App for more information or look for notices posted throughout the stations.
Trains can get so crowded that you have to wait on the platform with hundreds of other passengers while two or three trains pass by before you’re able to board one. This is helpful when you’re on the train and trying to figure out how many more stops you have to go. Be courteous and hold your backpack in front of you and near your feet to make space for your fellow riders. NYers can be curt, and at times might come off as rude, but almost everyone is happy to help you with directions or information when you ask. While according to a report issued by the State Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli total cost inflation between 2007 and 2015 will hit at least 35%, it is after 2015 that things get really aggressive. New York City, for example, has an informal policy of cutting its capital program when this ratio hits 15 percent, credit analysts say. Cleanliness on the NYC subways is notably worse, but if you rode in the '80s and 'early '90s, you still realize things are much better than they have been.
Beginning with his native Serbia, then moving on to Paris and Madrid, Cerovic created simple maps with lots of information but very little clutter. In addition to station names, subway line number or letter designation for that station is printed with the station name. Algunas estan divididas en 2 (una hacia Uptown y otra hacia Downtown) y no tienen escaleras que las conecten. El autobus y el metro son dos medios de transporte seguros que les va a resultar muy utiles durante sus vacaciones. If you are on an escalator and you don’t feel like walking, stand ONLY on the right hand side. Luckily, with one swipe you gain access to any of the 24 interconnected subway lines throughout Manhattan, Brooklyn, the Bronx, Queens, and Staten Island. The vending machines have a touch screen display with easy to follow step-by-step instructions, but if you’re like me and want to be prepared ahead of time, here is the rundown on how to buy a Metro Card from a vending machine.
Place the card with the black magnet strip on the bottom, facing you, in the opening and swipe forward. It has a subway map and a function which allows you to choose a line to see all of its stops. Usually it means someone has made this car their own personal toilet, someone with an unpleasant body odor is camping out in it, the heat or air conditioning isn’t working, or some other undesirable situation has occurred.
I can’t tell you how many women I’ve seen on the subway with open purses just begging to have their phone or wallet stolen. According to Reuters, New York's Metropolitan Transportation Authority will need at least $20 billion from 2015 to 2019 to keep its system in good repair, but the mass transit operator has yet to figure out how to pay for these upgrades, a report said on Tuesday.
Since multiple subway lines run along the same track and some lines run both local and express trains along the same track a map which identifies  subway route symbols would make sense yet this key feature is left off the Official MTA New York City subway map as well as other subway maps for New York City.
Asi que si se equivocan de direccion, tendran que esperar 18 minutos antes de volver a utilizar su Metrocard. 2.- Puesto que su validez es de 7 dias, puedo hacer una recarga en la misma tarjeta para utilizarla por los 3 dias restantes?
For example, at 14th street you can transfer to the L, N, Q, R, W, 4, 5, and 6 trains as shown below. If your card is funded properly, the screen display will show you how much time or money is left on your card and display the word “Go”. It’s also prime pervert time so be on alert for riders taking advantage of the situation.
Along the way, he developed a standardized system that he tried to convince the cities to adopt. To tell if you are headed for a local or express stop look at the line you are traveling on.
If you see a black line connecting two stations (see Times Square stop below) you can transfer to another line via an underground pathway. It even has a feature that tells you when the next train at any station is scheduled to arrive. However, convincing the various cities to agree on a standard proved impossible, so Cerovic opted just to sell the maps on his website. When you exit the train you are riding just look for signs directing you to whichever line you are transferring to.
If you swiped it too fast or slow you will receive an error message and have to swipe it again. Don’t get too excited though because it is often not accurate so you can probably skip this feature. As for how the MTA will fund its massive CapEx spending here is the simple answer: it will request, some time in 2015, that then president Barack Obama bail it out, to which he will promptly comply.
After all, with total US debt crossing $23 trillion shortly thereafter, who will care about some paltry $20 or even $200 billion (as the number will eventually be revised to).

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