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Construction for the new Second Avenue subway and East Side Access has been underway for some time now, but New York City commuters can rejoice because recent photos from the site reveal major progress. For the first time in New York City history, new tunnels will allow the Long Island Rail Road to access Grand Central Terminal.
Despite the MTA’s reassurance that their construction to build the Second Avenue Subway is not killing nearby residents, a new report reveals the site contains over three times the allowed amount of toxic dust levels. The New York Post obtained a report by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration which found a dangerous amount of silica detected during a federal inspection in November.
Upon discovery of the high levels, three contractors working at the site were ordered to pay $4,250 in fines, which the companies have until April 20 to appeal.
Disturbingly, the MTA has dismissed safety concerns and publicly reassured New Yorkers that the construction’s dust tornadoes and bizarre, skunk-like odors are nothing to worry about. The analysis of the data for the three days indicates that daily PM2.5 concentrations were primarily attributed to local traffic emissions, other local sources such as commercial and residential boilers, and regional or background levels, with no significant contribution from blasting activities. Instead, the agency seems preoccupied with organizing nightly visits to combat less threatening complaints regarding noise levels set off by nighttime drilling. In contrast, the new MTR system in Hong Kong is a model of clean, comfortable, air conditioned conveyance.

But the miles of tunnels and tons of garbage make the subways underground an ideal home for animals.
Guide dogs go wherever their blind masters need to go, and they ride the subway in New York.
This elaborately piece of mosaic stays intact even as the surrounding tiles begin to crumble. Plaster moldings for the ceiling, glazed tile moldings, and gracefully patterned mosaic are found in one station. In one old station, the large composite picture of the New York harbor in the 1930s is made with dozens of glazed tiles. In 14th Street station, entire sections of the old wall and mosaic remain in the refurbished station. These bronze articles are displayed in one station and remain free from vandals, helping to build confidence that New Yorkers are law abiding citizens.
I was surprisedĀ to see large bronze reproductions of fossilsĀ as my train pulls into one station.
At one end of the station, a father sits with his two children next to the mosaics of a monarch butterfly and its caterpillar.

This East Side Access and the Second Avenue subway line will ease the commute into midtown Manhattan and along the East Side.
Brick first started rapping when he was 13, but didn’t take it very seriously until he was about 23. Exposure to the carcinogen has been proven to possibly exacerbate to silicosis, a respiratory disease connected to lung cancer and incurable respiratory failure.
Bombshell: After Fixing Errors, UK Met Office Says 2010, 2005 Hottest Years on Record, World Warming Faster Than Thought MIT Study Finds Room To Store A Century Of CO2 Underground Can You Go a Day without Water? In honor of the metros 110th anniversary, check out these striking Daily News photos of its construction.
I’ve seen Dave playing on the side of this I-490 service road in downtown Rochester for years. Now he is known around town for his music , and for operating Rochester’s first mobile recording studio.

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