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You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Northwest Shortline have taken one of the most useful tools, the original Chopper, and made it even better. Um Der Sockelshop - Modellbau Onlineshop in vollem Umfang nutzen zu können, empfehlen wir Ihnen Javascript in Ihrem Browser zu aktiveren.
However, you also pointed out why I never order from MicroMark anymore, they seem to copy people's products.
Sorry to hijack your thread but this is now added to the growing list of pirated items they produce.
After some of the things I saw the new manager at Micro-Mark has done with lines he distributed, I refuse to buy from them. Aside from copying Archer Fine Transfers technique of applying resin to decal paper (they make it sound as if their R&D department came up with it), they have a history of producing their own copies whenever a company THEY distribute has an uncertain future. What can be shown as blatant pirated copies are those inspired by Northwest Short Line (NWSL) tools.

For scratch building and working with strip like materials and precision cutting mitres etc, its a good piece of kit. Although I had the understanding that the Waldron punch set was of better quality, I decided to chance the Micro Mark set. Lieferzeiten fur andere Lander und Informationen zur Berechnung des Liefertermins siehe hier. Retains the high precision, extremely sharp, inexpensive single edge razor blade as the cutting tool to assure economy, clean cuts from a blade you can find when you need it and can afford to replace as often as necessary for clean, sharp cuts every time. Simply because I wanted to order a pair of dial calipres at the same time, and although not much cheaper than the Waldron (less than $10 I believe) I felt the Micro Mark set was a little better deal due to the fact it had three extra sized holes.
Before I ordered, I asked Micro Mark if they would check the punches before delivery as I have heard of some people having problems. I was told they would and that if I needed to send them back the shipping would be paid for by them.
When I did a little research on the web I had found some people complaining of the holes not lining up.

I called Micro Mark today and was told that in fact I would have to pay for shipping if returned. I decided to play with the punches some more and sure enough I did eventually get the punches to fit. After looking on the net I understand this is normal for the Micro Mark punches.Then It was time to decide what end to use for punching and which side to strike with as there is no indication.
After close inspection I noticed that none of the punches were cut flush and some were actually crude.

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