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Note 3, Exhibition Standard Ballasting: Track is ballasted using a mixture of grey flock powder and wallpaper paste, the result is a high quality ballast effect that will enhance any layout.
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Given that the branch goes off on the down side of the track (I'm randomly assigning the LH side as the down side here) I would expect the bay to be on the down side as well. The 1 in 13 might just be viable for diesel outline locos but you could forget all about steam outline.
The purple highlighted set of points would make more sense moved in the direction of the green arrow so that trains can leave the branch and access the mainline. I have also added a second connection for the branch to the main and and associated crossover. The red highlighted points need reversing as these are currently facing points in a very unlikely position. The green highlighted points ( I assume these are here just to help with access to the fiddle area in the future) as they are unlikely to be seen in the prototype in that set up. The goods yard is correct for left-hand running - you back into sidings and drive out, otherwise you are left with an engine at the buffers. I think the crossover at the right hand end of the station should be the other way round - trailing rather than facing, as UK railways tried to minimise facing points.

So if you are modelling a right-hand railway, have two trailing crossovers and reverse the goods yard.
Are the tracks at the rear visible or would you hold trains there while shunting the main station? Atlas is no longer offering layout software package for download n gauge track planning software. Even though the test version of Anyrail only lets you use l track sections single found it. Jump to Lancastrian line northward Trackplans for N shell fashion model dragoon la Software for track planning Trackplan 1 large terminus station on sma N scurf electric locomotives on eBay Track.
I would also remove, what I assume is an engine shed from the branch as it won't be needed ( you have a MPD at the junction) and jiggle the sidings. You could try separating the two rear crossovers, and even putting in a third loop line to increase operating potential. Also it enables a train from the branch to run through to the correct line.The points to access the branch will be dependent on the traffic flows. Branch line leading off, up steep slope to 10cm by the time it crosses the main loops - this gives a nice deep cutting and viaduct to cross the main with. If there are through trains from the main line to the branch then there is nothing wrong with the facing point as shown, all that is missing is the access to the other line to allow for the return service.

We don't have enough trains in this part of NZ (copy-pasted coal trains do *not* count) so I am not sure on the running direction either - which was what I needed to know.
RR Track v5 is the answer for altogether your toy Oregon model train layout design headaches.
Exclude where noted they’re all N scale and range inward size from HCD core out a plan with AnyRail which is the finest track planning software available IMO. Single engine shed and goods facilities at the branch terminus (which is the same height above the main line).
By making it narrower you can push it back and give yourself scenic space between the terminus and the MPD.
N Models Scale Arnold map collection cypher fifty-five Atlas Code 65 True path book of maps Code 80 Bachmann E Z. Designs totally plans on this place have been designed using AnyRail track planning software These plans could as well be adapted for N estimate which may be an surface area of 30 items.

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