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Lacking functioning public transportation following the widespread blackout of 2003, New Yorkers took to the streets. On a chilly Tuesday morning in December 2005, New York City's commuters were forced to find creative ways to get around. During the 2005 transit strike, the Metropolitan Transit Authority and the Transport Workers Union were deadlocked over pensions and pay during contract negotiations. After Hurricane Irene arrived in New York as a tropical storm last year, the public transportation system that had been proactively shut down took longer than expected to be up again. As Hurricane Sandy approached on Monday, New York City emptied and became a relative ghost town.
A general view of the New York Transit Museum's 11th Annual Holiday Train Show at Grand Central Station on November 19, 2012 in New York City.

30, 2012 -- On Sunday, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo announced that the public transportation system serving NYC would be preemptively shut down ahead of Hurricane Sandy starting at 7 p.m. 14, 2003, a simple alarm malfunction caused failures to cascade throughout the Northeast power system. Pedestrians trudged along their commute routes en masse.With the temperature hovering around 90 degrees Fahrenheit , some tempers flared.
The Transport Workers Union had shut the bus and subway system down for the first citywide transit strike since 1980.New Yorkers bundled up for frigid treks on foot, begged strangers for rides, piled into taxis, rode bikes and took to the avenues on skateboards. Without the nearly 34,000 bus and subway workers who walked off the job, the city comptroller estimated initial losses of $400 million for the first day alone.The strike lasted for three days during the busy holiday season before state mediators helped union workers and MTA officials reach a deal.
Continued high winds and rain prevented transit workers from checking the system for damage and flooding, the New York Post reported.Mayor Michael Bloomberg predicted a tough Monday morning commute for New Yorkers following the weekend storm. In several instances, commuters grew angry when police tried to direct them away from empty buses. New Yorkers, who were divided about whether they supported the strike, got back on public transit.
Bus lines went out of commission while subways ran sporadically, if they were running at all.

Overnight, most of Manhattan below Midtown lost power and a storm surge at Battery Park flooded subway tunnels. It also means the system can go back online quickly once the event is over, he added.This is the second time in 14 months that New York Citya€™s public transportation has undergone a planned shutdown. System-wide strikes or selective shutdowns of specific services occur regularly, particularly in Europe.
Recovery was hampered by a snowplow shortage.Widespread transit disruptions have rippling effects, Hofstra Universitya€™s Jean-Paul Rodrigue said. Joseph Lhota, the current CEO of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority, told the New York Times on Monday he was concerned about such a surge in Lower Manhattan because it could send seawater into the subway system and cause switches to corrode.With historic damage done to the subway, Lhota told WNYC that parts of the transit system will be up and running sooner than others.
In the recent past, commuters and visitors were more likely to encounter a system abruptly stopped by snow, strikes, storms and surges. Some New Yorkers later scoffed at all the measures taken but gusts more than 60 mph were recorded in the city.

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