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The 7 train is the best subway line in the New York City system, and the 2 train is the worst, according to the Straphangers Campaign's annual report card, released Wednesday.The 7 train, which connects Times Square to Flushing, is no stranger to this sort of acclaim.
Riders on the 2 train face irregular service, a shortage of seats, and a middling breakdown rate, the report card said.Breakdowns are an increasingly pronounced problem for the subway system, which sustained heavy flooding during Hurricane Sandy.
It was also top line in 2010 and has won first place more than any other line in the survey’s 16-year history.Nor, for that matter, is the 2 train a stranger to this sort of ignominy.
They are broader than the ones in London, and the seats are less comfortable to sit on (on the other hand more persistent against vandalism) but I like the design of the chairs.

It was rated worst subway line in 2011.“For riders, the subways can range from daily trips on a lucky 7 to being stuck with a terrible 2—and everything in between,” Gene Russianoff, senior attorney for the Straphangers Campaign, said in a statement.
Generally the subway stations in America are less attractive to walk around on your own, and I didn't spot that many CCTV camera's either. New York City Transit constantly analyzes performance data to monitor and improve service, leading to initiatives such as the new Combined Action Teams announced this week. Customers can go to our website at any time where the most up to date information and performance indicators on our subways are updated on a monthly basis—everything from quality of service, to cleanliness to safety.”You can read the report here.

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